Not Your Average Avocado Toast!

People love toast and lately it has become all the rage. Poor college students can spend up to $10 purchasing this trendy meal from hipster cafes, but what if you could make your own fancy concoction for half the price? I have a cheap avocado toast recipe that is deliciously simple and can be made right in your very own dorm room.

Here’s what you’ll need:

One ripe avocado (gently squeeze to make sure it’s slightly soft)

Hot sauce (my favorite is Cholula)

Hummus (I personally enjoy Sabra)

Salt and pepper

Bread (any kind!)

Step One: Toast your bread until somewhat crispy. I usually use one slice of bread, however, if you’re really hungry and want more of a meal go for two.

Step Two: Mash up the avocado adding salt, pepper and hot sauce as you go. A trick that I learned to smoothly get the pit out of an avocado is to delicately tap the knife into the pit, twist and pull it out.

Step Three: Get your hummus and spread a thin layer over the toast. I find the hummus makes it more substantial and provides added flavor and texture.

Step Four: Generously apply your mashed up avocado over the hummus. You can use half of the avocado and save the rest or the whole thing.

Step Five: Enjoy!

And there you have it: a fun, easy and cheap meal that is filling and nutritious.