Old Books At Fair Prices

Photo courtesy of Flickr user AZ.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user AZ.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user AZ.

The beginning of fall not only brought fallen leaves and lovely colored trees, but also discounted books for readers of New Paltz to fill their shelves for the impending cold weather.

This past Saturday at Elting Library, books, DVDs and CDs were sold at discount in the parking lot during their 58th annual book fair.

Held in New Paltz, the fair included a “super raffle” with over 100 prizes. The top prize was a weekend stay for two at the Mohonk Mountain House.

This year, for the first time in the fair’s history, the library included a flea market of local vendors.

The main purpose of the fair was to raise funds for the library. Most of the library’s year long funds come from events and fundraisers the library holds.  This event, according to The President of the Board of Trustees Richard Heyl de Ortiz, brought the students and people of New Paltz together.

“[I love] seeing people from the town of New Paltz who come year after year,” he said. “From the campus perspective, the fair coincides with parent’s weekend and it’s really wonderful to see parents here with students. In addition, now students from different clubs and organizations are able to volunteer and help out at the fair.”

Linda Welles, who is Vice President of the Board of Trustees and in charge of youth advisory programs at the library, had SUNY students and some of the children involved in the programs run the children’s activities at the fair. Some of the activities included face painting, create your own book cover and a lollipop game.

“The main thing is the kids are having fun and the college students are able to receive community service while having fun as well,” she said.

Local vendor, Nuts For the Rainforest, designs jewelry that is carved in Ecuador and is made out of a material called Tagua. Tagua is an alternative to ivory but is sustainable because Tagua is a nut, and no trees are cut down or harmed in obtaining these nuts.

Owner Jennifer Polatsek’s company started as a line of children’s jewelry, but has now expanded to women’s jewelry as well.

“I have enjoyed talking to people and getting their feedback [on my jewelry],” she said.

Made With Love, a natural skin care company was one of the vendors at the fair.

Michele Tomasicchio, the owner of the company, makes all skin care products from scratch. In her products, she uses pure essential oils which come directly from the plant and do not use fake fragrances or petroleum.

“I want to help people feel good on the inside because people are more health conscious and they need good products on the outside to reflect that,” Tomascicchio said. “It was nice to interact and see the familiar faces of the community coming out and enjoying this wonderful event.”