On The Oracle: Too Few Regrets to Mention; My Sincerest Thanks to Every One of You

I would like to begin by saying that I was both the Eminem and Frank Sinatra that The New Paltz Oracle needed in that “this looked like a job for me” and “I did it my way.” This paper saw a redesign, complete revamping of social media, the creation of several new positions, the addition of a literary magazine, countless groundbreaking stories and a total restructuring of our culture during my time as Editor-in-Chief. 

Although I have enjoyed and take great pride in the work that I’ve done in my eight semesters on staff and three semesters as Editor-in-Chief, I can accept none of the credit. Instead, I extend that credit and my sincerest gratitude to all the incredibly talented, dedicated and diverse journalists that I have had the honor to work with over the past four years. 

I have to start with my three right-hands: Rob, Natalie and Jake. 

Rob: Let’s get fucking freaky now. You will forever be one of my best friends and my alter ego second husband. We were close long before we ascended the Oracle ladder and I will never forget the wing nights, diving for beer pong balls, and late nights at the office. I cannot imagine reshaping the culture of this organization without you by my side inspiring everyone around you, including me. I’m sure I speak for the entire Spring 2018 staff when I say words cannot express how grateful I am for all your support. You were so deserving of the title of Managing Editor and I’m so happy you decided to stick around for another semester to make it happen. I would go to battle for you any day.

Natalie: You surprised me on several occasions. Your resilience and willingness to learn and grow is admirable and it sets you apart from your peers. It was unfortunate to see your early departure because I think you would have been a great Editor-in-Chief, but you have more than made your mark on this paper and me during your time here.

Jake: My successor, the new EIC of NPO. I am so proud of you and somehow you always do everything right. Your quiet confidence blows me away almost as much as your sense of humor did when you came out of your shell. As sad as I am to leave this paper behind, I am confident leaving it in your capable hands. You and yours will take this paper to heights that I never even thought of. Even though I won’t be there, I’ll be watching and I’m excited to see how far this paper goes under your leadership.

Kristen, my first Editor-in-Chief: I admit and regret that there were moments that I didn’t give you the respect you deserved, and I can only say that I’m sorry and I hope that you know it was coming from a place of wanting this paper to be the best it could be. I found myself surprised at how many of your techniques I’ve implemented in my own time as Editor-in-Chief, and I can honestly say I’m impressed by the constant composure you showed in the time that I worked with you. Thank you for setting a great example for those after you to follow.

Nate: Although I never really connected with you personally, your presence in the office is one that I’ll never forget. I also respect you so much for the role you played for Kristen. After having a very similar experience with Rob, I truly have the utmost admiration for the job you did and how you did it. 

Jack: I’m Jack. You were my second Editor-in-Chief and like a brother to me. It may have taken a minute, but I’m honored that you valued me enough to see past my youth and allow me to take part in moving this publication forward. I already wrote a whole piece on how I feel about you and your leadership, so I’ll spare THR the ink, but please know it all still stands true. Especially, fuck Jack.

Matt Ferremi: You, you, you are so important and I didn’t tell you nearly enough. You did great work and you made The Oracle fun! You are also a great mentor and I greatly appreciate how little I ever had to worry about your section. Next Monday you’re in New Paltz, we’re going to wing night.

Jackson you are my Shroutshine: I think you know how much I love you, but I’ll write it here anyway. It is so rare to find someone who truly treats everyone with kindness and you always have. You truly have one of the kindest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met and I know that you would run through a wall for me. I hope you know that I would do the same.

Michael Rosen, New Paltz Hawks: This is a man that I once said would be the man of honor at my wedding…then I decided I’m definitely never getting married. Your work speaks for itself and your future is brighter than most. You are my longest friend on staff and I can’t even begin to list the memories we have together let alone pick a favorite. Although we are out of touch, I want you to know that I will always cherish our friendship and I couldn’t have pictured my first three years at New Paltz without you.

Anthony, my beautiful blue-eyed boy: I still feel like your eyes unjustly overshadowed mine, but I’ll allow it. My invitation – nay, obligation – for wing night extends to you as well. You were another that left too soon, but I still love you anyway and I will forever look back on working with you fondly.

Russell, Amanda and Sam: The three of you made me feel welcome and comfortable immediately. Although we are not in touch so much anymore, I wish you all every success in the world. It was truly a pleasure working with you all. 

The one-and-only Jon Perry, Karl, Jess, Kintura, Briana, Brandon, Erica, Nicole Bressi, Julia, Alicia and Rachel: Our relationships were more fleeting but I want you each to know that your work here was memorable and appreciated and I truly enjoyed my time on staff with you all. 

Stephanie: I just wanted to give you a shout out because you’re a boss ass bitch. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it all. The key is to love everything you’re doing and you will find a way.

Cloey, my little groundbreaker: I am proud of you and the new, exciting addition you created for our organization. You truly are a talented leader and person. Just remember that you are only as good as those you inspire around you; always remember the people that built you up and continue to build up others. 

Mel, Meg, Chris: “What’s understood ain’t gotta be explained.” – G-Eazy

Max: I love you, but sometimes I want to kill you. You’re my best friend on this staff and you also give me the biggest headache sometimes. That being said, I truly believe that YOU are the key to what’s next for this paper. Your opportunities will come and I know you will make the most of them. You are a journalist in the truest sense of the word and it was humbling to work with you.

Madalyn: I knew you were going to be a key player on this team the moment you walked through the door. You know your shit, you get your shit done and everything you do is impressive. You’re smart, creative and innovative and I think you, Jake and Max are going to make an incredibly powerful team. I’m excited to see what you guys do.

Jimmy: You will forever be hailed as an Oracle hero. You have saved this paper’s ass time and time again and never batted an eye. You’re another one that always does everything right and your Brooklyn-Queens-Long Island-I-don’t-even-know accent is something I will truly miss. You were a pleasure to work with. Thank you for everything and I’ll see you at graduation!

Mahnoor: You’re another one that truly surprised and impressed me. Your quiet strength in all that you do is admirable and I’m excited to see what you will do with the rest of your time here. Thank you for your great work and even better presence.

Susanna: I wish I met you sooner because I freakin’ love you. I’m sure we’ll have our fun before the semester ends though. Congratulations on being hired as Sports Editor for next semester. I know you’ll do a great job. Oh, and keep laughing, it’s contagious.

Nicole: Congratulations to you for your newfound page editor position as well. You are one of the most talented and creative people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Just remember to breathe…your work speaks for itself and you deserve to sit back and enjoy it every once in a while.

Kelsey: We missed you this semester! I wish I was going to be around to see how much you’ve grown in your time abroad…I just hope for the sake of the staff that your music taste also has. However, I’ll remember you “all too well” and I have a feeling you’ll be catching my attention anyway next semester. You truly are the right person to be The Oracle’s first Multimedia Editor. I am excited to see what you build. 

Sports Matt: You’re great, truly. Your columns blow me away every week and you always do whatever is asked of you. Congratulations on an awesome career and I’ll catch you at graduation, as well!

A&E Matt: You make me want to laugh and die at the same time. You push every single one of my buttons and I honestly can’t get enough of it. Like I’ve told you, you get the most improved award for The Oracle and I am so proud of the journalist you have become. Keep climbing.

Nikki: I think you’re going to follow in Max’s footsteps as the truest journalist on staff. Your work is absolutely exceptional and you really are the talk of the town. Great work so far and I expect even greater things from you.

Shyana: I freakin’ love you too. I’m so excited to see what you do in Features next semester. You’re a really solid copy editor and I’m glad you’ll finally get to write about topics you’re more passionate about, you deserve it. Thank you for maintaining and paving the way for continued excellence in our Sports section.

Ally: You are on fire and you fucking know it. You’re sharp as a tack and you never miss a beat; there is no doubt in my mind that you will achieve anything you put your mind to. Never stop trying to be the best, just remember to pull as many people as you can with you. I respect the shit out of you.

Jared, Katie and Dani, the new kids on the block: I’m glad we were able to bring on such dependable people before I “get the fuck out the door.” I might even cry more than when I get my hair cut when this is really all over. Welcome to the team and I hope you enjoy every minute…even when you don’t.

Roni and Ang: I really didn’t want to do distribution and I didn’t think it was possible to actually make this job better, but you both went above and beyond and proved me wrong. You’re both a lot more to me than Distribution Managers, but I sincerely appreciate the fact that you both cared enough about me to come be a part of this. Love you both.

Emma: You are the best badass cartoonist we have ever had. Thank you for banging out fantastic artistry every week and for your incredibly valuable participation in our editorial discussions. You’re a real one.

Meg and Emily: Thank you for all that you do. Even though you aren’t in the office with us, The Oracle would not be as great as it is without the both of you. Congratulations on graduating and I wish you both every success!

Eight semesters, two sports, four internships, two jobs, a teaching assistantship, a research assistantship, two majors, a concentration and a minor, and I can honestly say that The Oracle outweighed them all. This paper and these people broke me and built me in ways I never could have imagined and I am overjoyed to have had the opportunity to walk through this office door. Thank you all for the parts you played in making this paper what it is and in making me who I am.