Op-Ed By Richard Heyl de Ortiz

The Elting Library’s annual Library Fair is a community event in the truest sense of the word – an event that for 58 years, has drawn friends, neighbors, merchants and others together for a good time and to support our public library.

For many years, the fair was held in July.  This, unfortunately, shut out a key part of our community – SUNY students.  Last year, for many reasons, our board of directors decided to move the fair to late September.  This, of course, meant some changes.  One of the happiest changes has been the engagement and support of SUNY students.

Dozens of students made their way down the hill in late September to help with set up, during the fair and with break down.  Others came and shopped on the day of the fair (as did parents here for Parents Weekend).

The support from the SUNY community was overwhelming.  As one of our board members said, “When I saw them coming en masse, I just about wanted to cry I was so happy.”

Thanks for all those who helped and a special thanks to everyone in the Department of Athletics who put out the call for volunteers and helped organize help for the Library Fair.

Richard Heyl de Ortiz


Elting Memorial Library