Oracle.Newpaltz.Edu x DressHead High Collar Halter Dress

Oracle.Newpaltz.Edu x DressHead High Collar Halter Dress – Pink / Chocolate / Pale Blue

A high collar and plenty of ruffles blend together to create this Oracle.Newpaltz.Edu x unique silk chiffon dress available in a variety of three excellent colors, pink, chocolate and pale blue. The entire front of this dress is filled with ruffles that cascade into soft overlapping layers. Each color selection features its own unique ruffles. The pink dress has matching pink ruffles. The blue dress uses a variety of blue shades in its ruffles that contrast to the body of the dress and the chocolate dress has various shades of pale cream, tan and latte that blend and contrast with the body of the dress. The high collar of this dress has ruffles at the top and bottom, with a wide waistband and three loop closures in the back. Small size; length is 88 cm, circumference is 80 cm – 84 cm, and the waist is 68 cm – 70 cm.