A Playlist For … Production Night Favorites

The Oracle family spends a lot of time together. We meet twice a week: Sunday at 6 p.m. for a minimum of 20 minutes to maximum two hours and Wednesdays at 6 p.m., till anywhere between 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Those are just our meeting times; if we need to do work, if we get too bored in our homes, if we are early to a class or don’t want to go home immediately after a class, we go to the office. Located on the fourth floor of the SUB, our little room is sacred to us. But through all this time spent together, we have found several songs that have now become Oracle classics. These are songs that for some reason as a collective we have been drawn to. It means someone is playing it at all times whether during the select minutes of our Wednesday meeting where I feel like we can listen to music and get work on, or just throughout the day when we are popping in and out. These songs have helped us get through some of the most mind numbingly difficult evenings, days, moments and we cannot stop listening.

Night Coffee By Jared Nelson, Mattelight

Unholy By Sam Smith (feat. Kim Petras)

Snow on the Beach By Taylor Swift (feat. Lana Del Ray)

Napkin Party By What?

Bad Habits By Steve Lacy

Anti-Hero By Taylor Swift 

Hello Meadow By B*tch

Made You Look By Meghan Trainor

Judas By Lady Gaga

What Makes You Beautiful By One Direction

505 By Arctic Monkeys

Meatball Manifesto – Live from WFNP By The 3 Skins

Vroom Vroom By Charli XCX

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