Picture Perfect Memories

Pictures can say a thousand words.

When I look at a once-blank wall in my room, I can only feel nostalgic about the best days of my life. The line of photos on my wall are those of pure happiness – and even on bad days, these moments are what puts a smile on my face. These photos are with people who I never would have thought would be smiling alongside me. My favorite band members, who are now friends.

These pictures were taken during my journey to multiple concerts within the last month. After feeling down and out for a couple of weeks, I was on a mission to go to my “happy place,” which are concerts of bands I love.

In the last month, I have been to three shows: The Arcs, Tame Impala and The Growlers, including a two-show in three-day span. Some may say I am crazy for doing such a thing, but for me, I had all the support in the world.

The first part of my adventure was seeing Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys play with his collaborative band, The Arcs. Dan walked out of a New York City cab, and I greeted him with a hug. We were able to take a picture, the other picture on my wall is of the hug. This was the third time I had the pleasure of meeting Dan and every time it is just as remarkable. As I get older, it is great to see a smile on his face whenever we meet again.

Ten days later, I went to see Tame Impala at Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday, Oct. 6. Radio City is one magical place, full of cherished history. After approaching the bright marquee lights upon entering the magical building, it was obvious to see why. This show was my first one with actual seats. When the boys from Australia took the stage, there was not a person in the place sitting. Even after watching live sets on YouTube, nothing can compare to the real thing.

I was not able to meet the guys from Australia, but I have a picture I took of the luminous marquee that reads “Tame Impala, Sold Out” that will forever remind me of that magical day.

Less than 48 hours later, I was on a bus down to New York City yet again. This time, to Irving Plaza to see my California pals, The Growlers. They were playing back-to-back nights in the world-famous Irving Plaza. Seven months before this show, I met the band at a place called Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn.

I got to reunite with them before the Oct. 8 show. As they stepped off the bus, I got a big hug from my friend, Growlers guitarist Matt Taylor. As a belated birthday gift, I gave him a snapback hat with his catchphrase on it. After a bunch of tries due to the wind outside, we finally took a memorable picture. It includes Matt in his new hat, smiling and making “bunny ears” behind me.

After the show was over, the lead singer, Brooks, walked over to me and gave me a hug. Right after, the picture on my wall catches me mid-laugh.

After a perfect night, I was really sad to accept the fact that my adventure was over.

Music has been my escape and has saved me for as long as I can remember. Sometimes an adventure can revitalize a person and change their perspective on the world.

But that’s the special thing about pictures. You may not be able to see those that make you the happiest every day. The day may be over, but the feeling in the moment stays with you forever.

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