A Playlist For…Gloomy Winter Preparation

Every single year I forget how quickly the temperature drops. We’re hardly into November, but the freezing cold is already etching its way into the weather every day. It’ll be December before we know it, and soon we’ll be living in a series of gray, chilly days. 

But I don’t mean to sound so glum. 

The winter brings cold but it also brings the beauty of soft snowfall, the elation of snow days and a crisp freshness to the air that doesn’t seem to exist in any other season.

There always seems to be a distinct connection between winter, tranquility and contemplation. These are my favorite songs to listen to in the winter that, for me, seem to capture that feeling.

Bundle up now and let these songs prepare you for the long series of gray yet peaceful, wintery days ahead.

Mine by The 1975

Paper Thin Hotel by Matt Maltese

Sparks by Coldplay

Polite Company by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

come out and play by Billie Eilish

It’s Not for Me to Say by Johnny Mathis

Chances Are by Johnny Mathis

I Get a Kick Out of You by Tony Bennet & Lady Gaga

Small Worlds by Mac Miller

My Kind of Woman by Mac DeMarco

Line Without a Hook by Ricky Montgomery

I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) by The 1975

Mr. Loverman by Ricky Montgomery

Breezy by Conor Oberst

I Bet on Losing Dogs by Mitski