A Playlist For…Studying for In-Person Classes (Again)

Let’s be honest…no one remembers how to do this in person school thing. For me, it’s been very hard to zero in at my desk and focus on homework after a summer of rest and relaxation. Luckily, I think I might have the fix for anyone else experiencing this problematic situation…chill music to study and do work to! Whether you’re in your dorm, living in an off-campus apartment or in Wooster Hall trying to find peace and solitude through your headphones, a perfect writing playlist is a necessity. 

I like to listen to a lot of folk music when I study, specifically something with a nice strumming guitar. I also enjoy playing instrumentals and tracks in a different language, so I don’t get distracted by wanting to sing along! These songs are a balance of all of those sounds, so I hope you enjoy them! Make sure to remember that you don’t have to study to these songs; it’s okay if you just need some chill new music to listen to. 

Baby Blue – King Krule

Zebra – Beach House

No Embrace – Dirty Projectors

These Chains – Mid-Air Thief 

Swing Lo Magellan (Acoustic Version) – Unknown Mortal Orchestra 

恢复 – 2 8 1 4

La femme d’argent – Air 

Holocene – Bon Iver

A Long Slow Little Wave / Citizen, An Activity – Loving

Under The Pressure – The War On Drugs

The Halocline – Hippo Campus

Mykonos – Fleet Foxes

Babylon – Oneohtrix Point Never, Alex G

Banshee Beat – Animal Collective 

Take Pills – Panda Bear

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Allison (Alli) Dempsey is a third-year journalism major and communications minor. This is her second semester on the Oracle, and first as Arts Editor. Along with the newspaper, she is also a member of the WFNP Radio E-board staff and president of the New Paltz Music Collective.