Dealing With Post-Grad Scaries: Resources to Finding a Job

With commencement rapidly approaching, many students now have job hunting, interviews and much more on their plates. The commencement ceremonies are taking place the weekend of May 19-21, 2023. Many organizations and faculty on our school campus offer different helpful tools for those who are eager to look into their opportunities as soon as possible, since we now have less than two months left. There are also various job fairs and networking opportunities to look out for on and off campus regularly, so check in with your advisors and professors for any further information!

Job hunting might seem scary and nerve-wracking, but it can truthfully be much less stressful when you appropriately prepare for it. LinkedIn is a great tool that many companies take advantage of when looking for potential employees. Creating an account that highlights your assets and skills will perhaps make you susceptible to more job offers. Olas is also a great tool to sign up for and use if you are looking for jobs in the education field.

 Checking in with friends or acquaintances in the same or similar fields of work for any openings can also be of great help; networking is one method that can always benefit you in some way. Your advisors and professors can also potentially help you network or find spaces in which you can prepare for and learn more about job positions. 

Additionally, if your desired job position does not include or rely on social media presences, switching any accounts you currently have on apps such as Instagram or Facebook to private instead of public can also save you some awkward interactions. Keep your online presence safe and secure, so that you make a clean-cut first impression. You should also keep your resume up to date and make sure you have all previous jobs and contacts listed appropriately. There are programs online you can use that will help perfect your resume to your liking as well, such as “My Perfect Resume.” 

With potentially life-changing job interviews arising, some soon-to-be graduates might be in need of tips and strategies to utilize for when that time comes. Curating an appropriate outfit beforehand will surely benefit your chances at impressing your interviewers. Looking into what types of attire is typically worn in the specific place of work you are interviewing for will help to give you an idea of suitable workwear. 

Then, for your interview, you will have an idea of what types of attire are expected, whether it be business casual or anything else. If you are still unsure of what to wear to an interview, slacks, dress shirts and neutral color palettes are typically safe bets. The internet is your friend — do your research beforehand! Keep in mind that you are there to impress the interviewers with your skills and assets for the job, and that your outfit can potentially tell how seriously you take the interview. It is likely better to dress up than to dress down.

Your ability to maintain professional conversations and contactability will also help chances of achieving a job, especially after an interview. Keeping your email and phone call notifications turned on in the following weeks will help keep you alert and up-to-date if you are contacted for any follow ups. Additionally, having a simple and sophisticated email address and voicemail message will help to polish your professionalism. 

Typically, interviewers and places of work are looking for someone who is reliable and knowledgeable in that specific field. One way to initiate how reliable and informed you are is to stay in touch, do your research and follow up with them. Even if they don’t reach out to follow up with you, you can always reach out to them instead. This shows them how interested you are and shows them you are not afraid to take initiative. 

Another thing you can do to show them you are interested and in tune with the company’s standards is to try and research what types of topics, morals and values are important to this place of work, and show them how you align with these as well. Give some personal examples and make sure you have the references and contacts to back you up!

Another tip for students off to the workforce is to stay in the loop. Keep yourself informed and up to date about the jobs you are looking for and are interested in. Check out their website for any mission statements and contact information that you might require. Keep in mind that even starting small is starting somewhere. 

If the location you want to work in is hiring for a position you aren’t necessarily in love with, but which might lead you to more opportunities within this workspace, go for it anyways! Don’t be afraid to be curious and personable; you can sometimes impress them enough and they might hire you for the job you truly wanted, or there might be ways to work your way up. This might not be the case for all jobs and all workplaces — but it is certainly worth a try.

While graduation quickly approaches, it is also very important to take a deep breath and remember that things will fall into place exactly how they should when the time is right. Everyone grows and adapts at different paces, and comparing your journey to someone else’s journey simply won’t make sense. 

Finding the right job or opportunity might be difficult, but all of your hard work will pay off. It is always a good idea to ask for help whenever you need a hand, which is why maintaining healthy relationships with those around you is vital. As of now, make sure you are staying up to date with campus events, checking in with your advisors and preparing for the wonderful commencement ceremony that awaits you.