R3SET Stress Management Supplement Hits Market Amongst Crisis Concerns

Since R3SET’s launch a couple of weeks ago, it’s become a clear competitor to being the dominant force in the emerging “stress-relief” field of products. In fact, it’s already stocked at Target and CVS.

R3SET is a stress-management supplement that hit the market just a few weeks ago with a goal to change the way you think about stress. Here’s why this is something you’ll want to look out for.

Especially as of late, stress seems to be as synonymous with life as is death and taxes. In fact, the World Health Organization declared stress the “health epidemic of the 21st century.” But a new supplement called R3SET intends to reshape the way we view and experience stress. 

In what may come as a surprise to many, R3SET’s approach to stress-relief is not to extinguish, but to conquer stress holistically. The website lists three pillars to managing stress: adjusting your mindset, discovering stress management exercises that work best for you and balancing the three body systems that manage stress. R3SET helps with all three.

R3SET has a perhaps radical, yet thoroughly researched approach to managing stress. To those new to the world of stress relief and support, it may not be immediately apparent why this form of stress-relief is the breath of fresh air that consumers needed (pun intended), but here’s why.

For one, unlike other products and pills on the market, R3SET does not offer suspicious promises sounding eerily similar to something to be heard in frat basements or dark alleys: “Just take this pill and you’ll feel so much better… What? Don’t worry what’s in it.”

R3SET is upfront: the supplement is made of 12 all-natural ingredients — each sourced from nature’s medicine cabinet™ — which will target the three bodily systems that manage stress: the nervous, endocrine and immune system.

All of the ingredients have been tested, both individually and in tandem, in hundreds of different studies. The creation was overseen by an accomplished group of scientists.

The R3SET experience does not begin or end at swallowing the capsule. There’s no empty promises of a pill that will single-handedly cure you of stress once and for all. As the three pillars describe, there’s two important steps before even opening the pill bottle, which the 14-day reset guides people through mastery of, all for free. 

Another innovation unique to R3SET is that the supplement targets each of the five senses, starting with one most supplement companies don’t consider: smell. A brilliant blend of aromatic oils coat each capsule providing an aromatherapy experience that smells and tastes good, too.

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Dr. Eric First, co-founder of R3SET, Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, researcher, scientist and medical doctor, says “Your five senses — smell is one of the most powerful — all have an impact on your nervous system. A pleasant stimulus, like aromatherapy, has been proven time and time again to induce the relaxation response.”

Harris Rabin, co-founder of R3SET, former Chief Marketing Officer of Vireo Health and former Global Vice President of Marketing at Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev), explains how the team targeted the sense of sight with the pill’s visuals, saying “We were pretty deliberate about making this bottle.” 

The aesthetically alluring visuals of the bottle and pill are purposeful decisions that Rabin says are meant to destigmatize the experience of stress. He remarks, “We hope people can say ‘yes, I take R3SET. Yes, I manage my stress.’”

One customer, a verified but anonymous shopper, penned a review on Target’s website, writing that the pills are, “Totally gorgeous — [I] have never seen capsules like these before! The capsules smell wonderful, so just by opening the bottle and sniffing them I started to calm down (breathed in deeply three times as everyone says to do!).”

The product’s 5-star review at Target suggests that this customer is not the only one amazed by the product. 

Rabin’s past careers helped fuel his motivation to create a brand that helps people manage their stress in an effective way. Previously, he’s worked in the industries of beverage alcohol, cannabis and pain relief; In fact, he met Dr. First years ago when they both worked at Bayer HealthCare.

Rabin’s journey underscores an important trend in American habits of stress management.

“There’s a common thread between all those areas [I’ve worked in] which is that people are looking for products for that underlying issue,” Rabin said. “A lot of the products we sold in [Bayer] healthcare were to people trying to fix their pain or stomach issues, for example, but it was really the underlying issue that was the problem. With beverage alcohol, same thing.”

This underlying issue, of course, is stress. First supports Rabin’s analysis. 

“If you really look at chronic disease, about 70%, if not more, have its roots in stress.”

First says of his own inspiration to create R3SET, “I had been on the search for how to address [these issues] from the beginning to preempt them from what was going to be a chronic condition and that’s where it started. All roads lead back to stress.”

Learning to conquer your stress and manage it in a healthy way is a journey that has an abundance of enduring and life-changing differences. Boosting your immune system and decimating your risk of getting most chronic illnesses are among the long list of often ignored impacts of stress management. 

Reducing stress temporarily may seem like a faster, easier solution. Quick relief and the neglect of quality self-care is the bedrock of a culture that persistently pesters the importance of work above all else and declares taking care of your body and mind a luxury only afforded by some. So, this thought is, unfortunately, thoroughly ingrained in the minds of many.

“People are looking for ways to cope with stress, whether it’s through cannabis, drugs, gambling, whatever it is. They get temporary relief but they’re not treating the underlying condition in a way that could help them have a healthier stress response,” First said.

The founders of R3SET — and their brand as a whole — remind people that managing your stress in a healthy way is achievable, powerful and more necessary (and fun!) than you’d think. 

Sign up for the 14-day reset here and “graduate stress 101.” To try the R3SET supplement, order online or purchase at a local Target or CVS. Reset your body’s response to stress. Reset the way you think about stress. Or as Rabin says he wants people to feel, “Smile. Think, ‘I’m in control. I’ve got this.’”

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