This is my reflection (Usher voice).

If you know me, you should have known that something music-related would be my lead. Damn, I really have to stop being so predictable.

For the short time I wrote for The Oracle, I came up with crappy puns and always quoted songs. That’s my lasting Oracle legacy, but I’d like to think that I wrote some pretty good sports articles, too.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t become a copy editor sooner.

The few months that I spent writing and copy editing were filled with fun, laughs and disturbing “Law and Order: SVU” episodes. I met some cool new people and I hope to keep in contact with you all when I depart for Western New York.

I wish I could attend Binghamton University and write for The Oracle at the same time, but unfortunately that is not possible. Life is just not fair!

I want to personally thank Andrew and Cat for giving me a chance, and even when I quit the first time, you still wanted me back on the staff. That meant a lot. You two gave me confidence in my writing, which is greatly appreciated. Becoming a member of the staff was one of the single greatest things I have done in my college career so far.

Writing has been a passion since my elementary school days and The Oracle was the perfect outlet to get some real-world experience. I have become a better writer and my grades have improved because of The Oracle.

One final reflection: I never wrote a news article. Check the tally if you don’t believe me. Sports section all damn day.

Unfortunately, change is the only constant. The decision to transfer was one I needed to make. I am sad to leave New Paltz, but opportunity beckoned elsewhere.

Even though I’ll be in Binghamton, The Oracle will always be in my mind. Thank you for the opportunity. I’ll visit when I come home, I promise. If Binghamton’s newspaper has any good ideas, I’ll make sure to let you guys know. Is that journalistic espionage?

Anyway, I’ll wrap up this rambling, all-over-the-place reflection by saying that I will miss The Oracle and its wonderful, crazy staff. It has been a wonderful stepping stone to a potential career in journalism or other types of writing, which has been my career goal since 6th grade. The Oracle website will still be in my Google Chrome bookmarks. Send me Snapchats of production night. Tweet at me.  Best of luck to all of you in the future.

Sincerely, Higgz da Kyd.