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I honestly cannot believe I am actually writing this, it does not seem real at all. When something means this much to you, you just cannot comprehend leaving it, and that it will be your time to attempt to put your feelings into words next. Words cannot possibly do justice to how I feel. 

Looking back to the day I was hired my freshman year, I never would have thought my life would be what it is today, and how life changing that day actually was. In high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do in college. I have always had it in the back of my mind that what played out was meant to be. 

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for every minute I have spent as a member of The Oracle staff. If it weren’t for The Oracle, I don’t know where I would be today. I will never forget my time in the office with the orange walls. As hard as it is for me to believe, I have realized that the best things in your life come when you are at your darkest moments. So, here we go as I try to put my memories and feelings from the last three and a half years into word form. In journalism, words should come easy to writers, but not this time. 

Kristen: To my day one dawg, sister and best friend. We have been through so much since we were hired the same day in January 2014, and it was meant to be. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like without you in it, and I am incredibly grateful for you every day. I know that even though our time at The Oracle is ending, nothing will change a bit. It is extremely rare to find someone who thinks the same way you do to a tee, and to have someone that always believes in you. To have someone in your corner who knows everything about you and your past and not mind in the slightest is incredibly special. I can’t even say how proud I am of you every day, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. You inspire me to be the best I can be every single day. I love you.

Jack: Raising our arms straight up in the air like a football referee has been our greeting for the time we have known each other. I vividly remember our intramural flag football team our sophomore year, when we only played one game due to other teams forfeiting. The one game we did play, I was the quarterback for our fourth down and one play. I ran sideways instead of forward and we turned the ball over on downs. I guess we were the intramural football version of the Cleveland Browns. We have always looked back on that moment and laughed about it. Best of luck as Editor-in-Chief, you will do great. 

Mell: You have always been one to click with me, no matter what extremely rare and obscure… Ahem… obtuse “Family Guy” reference I make. I can always rely on you to turn around, like clockwork and understand what I am referring to, when no one else in the room has any idea what we are talking about. Nothing made me laugh harder than when I heard you scat-drum fill during Toto’s “Africa” for the first time. You are such a star in the newsroom and I can’t wait to see you as a managing editor next semester.

Amanda: The trap queen herself. Our time arm-wrestling in the radio office, in which I lost pretty badly, will never be forgotten. And yes, I did try. You are such a great person and hard worker and I am so glad we met. 

Sam: You are an inspiration to a lot of people, and don’t ever forget that. You have made the Arts and Entertainment section absolutely shine with your creative touch and skill. 

Michael and Anthony: To my “step brothers.” You guys have both been the best and most reliable copy editors I could have asked for. Watching you both grow up into the writers and people you are now has been incredible. The both of you have impeccable work ethics and I am so proud of you. Michael, your knowledge of baseball statistics knows no bounds. Anthony, we have become such great friends since I met you and for that I am so grateful. From talking about the New York Islanders, watching and playing hockey, I’ve been so thankful. Also, I’ll never forget you hitting the game-tying home run in Game 7 of the World Series. 

Jess: A fellow Russo’s enthusiast who is super sweet. I am grateful to have such a great friend like you. We have been through so much during this journalism journey and it has all played out in the end. Much gratitude to you as well. 

Erica: I am so glad my “meme sister” joined the paper this semester. We have formed such a bond and I am so grateful. You are so dedicated to everything you do and it is amazing to see. Thank you for everything. Also… SPORTS! 

Briana: You are so sweet. It has been a pleasure getting to know you this semester and I look forward to your future endeavors with The Oracle

Meg: “Nutmeg.” You have such a bright future ahead of you, joining the staff as a freshman. You are wise beyond your years and have such an incredible personality. Keep being savage, you are the best. 

Jackson: Your sense of humor is awesome. I’ve enjoyed the talks we had for sure. Your music reviews are unlike any other and it takes a lot of talent to have a knack for that type of writing, but with your passion, you will go far. 

Rachael: We have definitely had some great times in Intro to Acting. Your determination and work ethic is such a great benefit to The Oracle and I have no doubt that you are going to be a great fit as news editor. 

Luke: I never thought I would ever meet someone who loves mashed potatoes as much as I do, and it’s like it was meant to be. Bonding with you over our love for the best tasting food on Earth has been an absolute pleasure. You light up a room with your presence and it is such a delight to have met someone as dedicated and as sweet as you are. Keep being who you are and never change. We need more people like you in this world.

Holly: It has been great getting to know you over the last few years. Thank you for being so sweet and reliable for the sports section. Our talks about class and about the week have been stressful but always relatable.  

Jeannette: You are such a talented photographer, and I’m glad we were able to bond over our music tastes. 

Matt Nash: I am glad you joined The Oracle and it is so cool to know there will be another Daler to hold down the fort when I graduate. 

Cat and Lief: You both sat me down on a cold winter day in January and changed my life with this opportunity. There really are no words. 

Abbott: My first sports editor who taught me the way during my first semester at The Oracle. For that, I am thankful, nuggle. 

Zameena: Our time experiencing both Tame Impala and Cameron Avery in the first row will never be forgotten. The journalism world is grateful for your unreal work ethic and it has been awesome seeing how far you have come and will continue to do so. 

Suzy: Your sense of humor is irreplaceable. The time where you called Delivery Doctor to order Noshi’s (RIP) was one of my favorite college moments. You started me with “do the thing, score the points! Sports, sports sports!” and that has been my motto ever since that day my freshman year. Hope to see you and the nugs again real soon. We will definitely all hang out in the city!

Kintura: You made me laugh so hard last year and I’m so glad I met you. Whether it was on the sassiest copy desk at TLR, or in The Oracle office, it was always a joy to be around you. And also, one last announcement, both North and South Dakota have agreed to combine themselves to form one big Dakota! 

Russell and Karl: You have been my older brothers, who only want nothing but the best for me and that means the world. 

Jen: You and I have shared common ground over the years, and no matter what, you showed me how to keep my head up always. Keep shining, Disney queen!

Hannah: I hope you’re having a great time in Seattle. You have been so kind and sweet, and it is so greatly appreciated. 

Nate: The best hockey defenseman I’ve ever seen. You look out for everyone else first, and I cherish the times we had. I know you are going to continue to shine at Berkeley and wherever you go. 

Bill and Elkyn: Thank you for being so dedicated in making this newspaper as incredible as it is. Your hard work and advice never go unnoticed. 

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Melissa Kramer is a fourth-year journalism major who lives for sports and music.