Reflections – Jonathan Perry

I had served my internship in Kingston and was about to graduate with my bachelor’s in journalism when Karl Evers-Hillstrom brought the opening of a position in The Oracle newspaper to my attention.

I thought: “I could graduate now and look for a job and be thrown into a world I am still not comfortable with, or I could gain even more experience and be more comfortable with myself in the long run.” Being on The Oracle now, my choice was obvious.

In my short time on the Oracle, I have learned many things: how to open up more, write better and even develop a sense of humor. I came into the Oracle high strung and nervous, not knowing what to expect from the experience or the people. What I got though was unexpected.

Everyone on the Oracle was welcoming and supportive of me as if I had been with them my entire life. Joining the Oracle was the best decision I have ever made for my journalism career, learning more than I could have ever hoped for.

My writing skills improved dramatically, even after my internship. I learned so much about AP Style and the inner workings of different writing styles that I have incorporated into myself. In terms of personal experience, I developed a second family.

Every day I went to the Oracle was like a new day with people that made me welcome and happy to be there. I felt instantly comfortable, which was something I did not get in my internship that prevented me from opening up more. This environment allowed me to be the journalist I had always hoped to be.

Jack: My second father figure, not really but I can’t think of a proper title for you that sounds less awkward. You have pushed me in directions that have always helped instead of hindered, and have a sense of humor that could light up anyone’s day. I will always be your Germaine (no homo).

Monique: My partner in crime, who was easy to work with and a pleasure to talk to. Even though your time with the Oracle will end soon as well, I was happy to be on the Features section with you. May you succeed at whatever you pursue.

Melissa: An individual who can understand as many sports facts as she can Internet memes. I don’t think I have met anyone as light hearted as you are, and I hope to see you around in a successful paper sometime soon. Keep trying and never give up.

Mike: A sense of humor of George Lopez and a screaming voice that could rival Green Day covers in cutting glass. Whenever we talk, your face lights up while always having something to say. You were a key factor in easing me into the Oracle gang and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Anthony: We don’t speak to each other often, but when we do ….. we still don’t really talk at all. But! Those odd something days when we finally get a one liner with each other, that’s the moments I will look forward to in my future adventures.

Sam: You were such a delight to be around. It was almost as if there wasn’t such a thing as mean in your bones. We could talk to each other for hours I think, and I will miss your smile while I hand you a copy desk story and you hand me my Dunkin Coffee.

Jess: We never spoke much either, but I could always tell the gentle soul that you had while having some tea from your Beatles coffee mug. Good! Keep that gentleness secret, keep it safe, and don’t change for the world!

Mel: My second sister, always striking up conversations out of nowhere and making interesting discussions when they were impossible for anyone else to pull off. Your confidence is stunning to me, and that will take you far in the world, not just journalism. It’s been real.

Kintura: The life of the party. The room doesn’t feel like a true party without you, rather that half-baked middle school prom that nobody went to. When you leave this year, remember the liveliness you brought to the gang and never lose that.

Rachael: I have never met anyone who can balance your workload and have not ceased to be amazed yet. No matter what troubles you face or whatever doubts you have that could stop you, don’t listen to those, they’re mean.

David and Holly: You guys take great photos and are always fun to be around. David, you know just what to say to make evryone smile. Holly, you enjoy life, which reflects in your work and personality. When you guys get to a professional paper or photo organization, send me some photos because I would love to see them.

Kristen and Nate: My metaphorical parents. Whatever issues the paper faced was solved with a simple “we’ll do this” by Kristen, followed by “yes dear” from Nate. You guys couldn’t have been better for the job because you got things done. The work felt efficient, it felt necessary and it felt right. Not to mention the fact that you guys were a pleasure to be around: Nate’s teachings of how to cheat at card games and his improved,lyrical raps, and Kristen’s gentle spirit and her talk about nanner’ bread recipes.

Everyone played a part in how I am what I am, even if it was a small role to play. So in the future, just know that you played a part in manifesting the mass amalgamation of confusion and serendipity that is Jonathan Perry. I will look back to these times as some of my best times and will always remember the goodwill and joy that I felt coming back every day.

Thank you all, I will miss you.