Reflections – Monique Tranchina

Working at the SUNY New Paltz Oracle has been one of the most challenging and rewarding organizations I have been a part of during my college career. Being a part of a club that is similar to theater groups, with high levels of work on production night, characters with comedy club sense of humor, and results that are worth the stress, I think we fulfill our audience expectation with a little behind the scenes fun.

Kristen, thank you for your patience during times when I wasn’t on top of my game.  You brought a peaceful energy to the room, which is probably unheard of in the journalism business. I admire your writing skills, and I hope you continue to grow when you pursue your career. Give Ruby a bone from me.

Nate, thank you also for your patience. I saw you were also laid back during production nights and other meetings, and I always looked forward to reading your articles on Wednesday nights; you are a talented writer and storyteller! Best wishes for Berkeley.

Sam, you are so talented in the arts! Your writing sounds professional and I enjoy reading about the arts. Your gentle spirit is great to be around, and I hope to get to know you better.

Jack, Thanks for being a great Features Editor! Your dedication to being a great leader was evident when you reminded us of deadlines and utilized our ideas for new features sections. Your sense of humor is absolutely hilarious and a great energizer for everyone.

Melissa, you are so cute! Sports is like calculus to me, I cannot figure it out. Regardless, I think you are a great writer and you understand all the ins and outs of sport terminologies. I hope you continue to grow and find people who appreciate what you have to offer.

Jess, you are a quiet presence in the room but it complements the rowdiness! I liked talking to you and I hope we keep in contact. I still have the Secret Santa gifts you gave me, and I love them!

Mike, thank you for being a fellow Long Islander who reminds me of the hustle and bustle within your voice. It was a pleasure being around you because I love the high energy you bring to each meeting and the humor you bring out in people.

Jon, your attention to detail is uncanny. Thank you for being a great features worker and taking on the brunt of many jokes. I wish you the best for your future career and life of writing.

Anthony, I hope you continue to branch out and seek relationships that will benefit you in your writing career and elsewhere. Thanks for being a great sports writer and best wishes for the future!

Kintura, it was great to get to know you during meetings. Your sense of humor blossomed and I think you have an ability to persuade based on what you believe is right for a group.

Holly, it was nice to get to know you from bits of conversation, and I hope you continue to find your path in journalism and elsewhere. You are also reserved but that only adds to the diversity!

Dave, thank you for taking great pictures for the Oracle. Best for your photography future and the rest of your SUNY New Paltz career.
Amanda, I’m upset I won’t be there to catch up with you when you return from France, but I hope to see each other anyway. Your bravery to study for an entire semester is incredible, and I wish you the best coming back and reflecting on your amazing experience. Au revoir!

Melanie, you are another great source of laughs! Thanks for being a great news editor. Your go-getter personality will work great for your future endeavors.

Rachael, last but not least, thanks for breaking the ice so many times about hush-hush topics. Your ability to speak your mind is a great asset!