Remembering Steve Edwards: The Gentle Giant of Snug Harbor

To help raise money to cover funeral expenses and to provide support for Steve’s family, donate to, as of March 2, the GoFundMe is halfway to its goal of $10,000. Photo courtesy of Snug Harbor.

On Feb. 20, Steven “Steve” Edwards, a beloved and valued member of the New Paltz community passed away. 

Known by many for his role as the doorman at Snug Harbor and Grill, the phrase “gentle giant” often comes to mind when people think of him. With an easy going nature, Steve remained kind. Steve leaves behind three beautiful boys. There is a GoFundMe to cover funeral expenses and support Steve’s family.  

On Friday, March 4 at 4 p.m. Snug’s will host a benefit show in Steve’s honor. Below are some words Snug’s staff and patrons had to say about Steve:

“Within the first 10 minutes of meeting Steve, I knew he’d be more of a friend than a coworker, and I was right. Every time I saw him after he always had a funny story he was saving to tell me, and vice versa. I will miss those interactions. Not only did he take the job of keeping all of us at Snugs safe seriously, but he genuinely loved doing it. The main thing I think about when I think of Steve was how much he cared. I broke my elbow recently and every morning Steve messaged me for an update on how I was doing and if I needed anything. I thought it was silly because it was such a minor thing, but he didn’t care. He probably would’ve done the same thing over a paper cut. It’s not often people take the time out of their own busy lives to check on others like that, but that was him. He was so much more than the ‘door guy.’ He was a great man, father and friend.” -Summer.

“I’ll just say that, when he started working here, being like a neighborhood bar, he fit in very well and everyone liked that guy. He was nice as sh*t to everybody and straight up, that’s why he had an impact. That would be my bottom line statement. He made his presence and he was very nice. Being again, a small-town neighborhood, he fit in like a motherf*cker. He was very nice, I’ll say that much. And that makes a difference in community. You’re walking into a bar, and that’s your frontal space, your first f*cking experience going into a bar, and it’s that guy. He made a good entrance for people to come into and feel safe, and good vibes.” -Elisa.

“When I first met Steve, I had money in my pocket and I was reaching in my pocket to get the money and he goes, 

‘Yo! You are the queen and the Ma of Snugs. I was told by all the bands you don’t have to pay. Because you’re just the Ma.’ 

‘But wait, I have money. Let me pay!’ 

‘Get the hell in there, and buy a drink.’ 

‘Well can I give my money then as a tip to you?’

‘See, that’s why you’re the Ma.’

‘Well, you wouldn’t let me pay the band and I love the band!’

‘Psh, just get inside.’

What a great guy. Such a short time.” -Tammy, aka the Ma of Snug’s.

“He’s like, he was a big snack. A snack like a teddy graham. I’m gonna tell you my experience and I love him so much. He used to pick me up in his arms. Like, you’ve seen the show Rob & Big? He gave the best hugs. He picked me up to take me out. It was so cool. And I just call him a teddy graham. He definitely changed my life. He was a good dude.” -Turtle.

“I’m from Syracuse. I’ve worked in bars for ages. Up there, it was a pretty low key kind of a place so we didn’t ever have a bouncer. When I started working here, it was kind of like my first bar gig where we had a bouncer. I’ve known a lot of friends who are bouncers, but I’ve never known anybody who had that kind of a job who was so nice about it. Even if sh*t hit the fan and he had to bounce somebody, he wouldn’t be like ‘Get the f*ck out!!’ He’d be like ‘Alright…’” -Hanna.

Please continue to treat the Snug’s staff with compassion and respect, as they continue to show up to work while coping with this recent loss. 

When you enter Snug’s and pass through Steve’s alcove for a night of music and good people, make sure to remember the man who helped make some of our best memories at everyone’s favorite dive bar possible. Rest in peace, Steve.

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