Revis Runs To New England

andrew liefWell, this sucks. Darelle Revis is now a New England Patriot.

On Wednesday at 4 p.m. the Tampa Bay Bucacaneers’ new General Manager Jason Licht and Head Coach Lovie Smith decided to let Revis and his $0 of guaranteed money go after just one year in Tampa Bay.

This is due to Smith’s defensive style of a cover-two, which is different from Revis’ man-to-man style and also allowing the Buccaneers to have $16 million to spend on other players.

While Revis isn’t a perfect fit for Smith’s system, this is such a foolish move for their organization.  Revis is still one of, if not the best cornerback in the entire NFL.  It’s embarrassing that the Buccaneers couldn’t find a way to keep a player with this much talent on their team.

The Patriots were always seen as the consensus favorites for Revis’ services after Aqib Talib signed with the Denver Broncos on Tuesday night.  This gives the Patriots no reason to not stay atop the AFC East for yet another year.

Many Jets fans believed they still had a strong chance of Revis making a return to the Jets, but unfortunately it didn’t happen.  General Manager John Idzik didn’t even have a discussion with Revis’ camp because he had no interest.

With the release of cornerback Antonio Cromartie, the Jets now have a huge void to fill in the defensive backfield.  Cromartie had a huge drop off last season, but with Dee Millner and Kyle Wilson left on the roster, the Jets are going to need someone who has the ability to shut down half of the field to be paired with them.

Also, why hasn’t Idzik released Wilson yet?  He is not good, and I’m sick and tired of him celebrating on an overthrow, which results in an incompletion that he had nothing to do with.

I think they need to try to bring Cromartie back and give him a cheap contract.  We need to also sign Captain Munnerlyn, who can help solidify our secondary.

At around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, they signed Eric Decker to five-year deal worth $36.25 million, with $15 million guaranteed.  I thought they would end up paying a lot more for Decker, so I’m pretty indifferent about the signing. Decker isn’t a No.1 wide receiver, so now the question is if they’re going to be able to find one.  Honestly, I don’t think they will be able to this year via free agency.

Losing right tackle Austin Howard to the Oakland Raiders was a big blow for the offensive line, but I like the signing of his replacement Breno Giacomini.  He’s a solid player and will cost the Jets a lot less than Howard would have been.

Right now, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is probably hysterically laughing in his office about which Jet receiver he’s going to put on Revis Island.  So, in the draft, I think I speak for all Jets fans when I say, let’s actually get a good wide receiver so we can burn Revis Island to the ground.