Rex Ryan Rebounds

andrew lief

I thought Rex Ryan would be fired after week nine once the Jets lost their fifth game in row prior to their bye week. Well, he’s definitely not getting fired since they’re 2-1 three games into this five-game stretch and have a 4-3 overall record.

For now, I’m sorry Rex. You’ve done a hell of a job getting your team to compete this season.  While you still bother me a lot during the games, I honestly think you deserve to keep your job for the remainder of the season. The effort the team plays with week after week, regardless of the outcome, truly shows this team respects their head coach.

The Jets are currently sitting seventh in the AFC, just behind the San Diego Chargers, because they have a weaker strength of victory.  They have a strong chance of making playoffs since the second half of their schedule is significantly easier with five of their last seven games against the Bills, Dolphins, Raiders and Browns.

After an embarrassing performance week six against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Jets beat the New England Patriots 30-27 in overtime.

Yes, it was probably the first time the penalty where a defender pushed one of his teammates to create leverage was ever called.  But it’s not allowed, so great call, ref.

The Jets played really hard and were a team the fans could actually be proud of. Besides his one interception that went for a pick-six, Geno Smith played very well and showed command of the offense. He was able to make plays, both in the air and on the ground.

Wide receiver Jeremy Kerley looked like Wes Welker in the slot having eight catches for 97 yards and one touchdown.

The offensive player who impressed me the most was running back Chris Ivory.  He had 34 carries for 104 yards, which isn’t a great yards per carry average. But carrying the ball 34 times shows a tremendous amount of heart.

The defensive line is probably the second best in the league besides the Kansas City Chiefs.  Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson have dominated their opponents game after game.

This week they’re hitting the road to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals, who are 5-2 and in first place in the AFC North and in second place in the AFC.

I’m very nervous about how Antonio Cromartie is going to handle defending the Bengals star wide receiver A.J. Green.  The only wide receivers in the NFL who are better than Green are the Lions’ Calvin Johnson and the Falcons’ Julio Jones.

Cromartie is going to have to make sure he’s disciplined and doesn’t fall for jukes like he always does.  I’d make sure he always has safety help to ensure Green doesn’t beat him long.

I think the Jets will win 17-14 in a tough, defensive battle.  Smith will have to make sure he gets rid of the ball quickly before the Bengals’ key defensive linemen Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins and Domato Peko get to him and disrupt the offensive’s rhythm.

I have a lot of confidence Smith will do great in this game. He’s played very well and has been poised against difficult opponents so far this season, so it should continue.  As long as he makes smart decisions and continues to make defenses pay when he runs the ball then the Jets will be successful.

The defense will not only key on Green, but also the Bengal’s running back Giovani Bernard. He’s a speed back who could take it to the house at any moment during a game.  Whenever he’s in the game there should be a spy on him to try and keep him contained.

I’m confident, for once, so I’m praying they don’t disappoint me again this weekend.  But as I said in my last column, the Jets always break your heart, so chances are they’ll do it again this week and make my Sunday a sad one.