Ricci’s is Back and Better in a New Location

New year, new hair! As we students flock back to campus for a fresh semester, carrying 2019’s hopeful energy, Ricci’s Barber Shop has officially opened in its new location on 89 Main St.

With more than 24 years of business under its belt, the shop is a long time local establishment of the New Paltz Village. Patrons of all ages visit Ricci’s, from babies to senior citizens, with a big chunk being SUNY New Paltz students, of course. Having this in mind, the owner of the barber shop, Cindy Ricci, maintains the lowest price for the students. According to Ricci, the inflow of business has not been altered since reopening, as it remains the place to go in New Paltz. 

However, the process of relocation was no easy feat. Ricci had to close shop for ten days, as per usual for the businesses in New Paltz around January, but even more so because of the immense renovation. Ricci describes the process as “hectic” for the couple months that it took for her to complete the move. Even before closing the old storefront there was work to be done. Thankfully, Ricci had loads of help from family and the Bruderhof Community, an international Christian community. They came to Ricci’s aid for the whole process, from renovation to relocation. 

This aspect of community, familiarity and small town charm is a constant for Ricci and her shop. Her full time staff has been with her for 15 years. Even the barber shop mascot is Ricci’s own dog, Sharilee.

Perhaps the most personal touch is Ricci’s ties to motorcycles and racing. She describes herself and her loved ones as a “racing family” so it only makes sense that Ricci’s Barber Shop pays homage to such a central part of her life. Riding motorcycles, her family, her shop, are all a part of her that she shares with the New Paltz community. 

The relocation gave Ricci the opportunity to do just that, while also expanding her space and making room for all of the cool new decor. Ricci said, “When you’re doing a shop, you want to follow a theme.” From the coffee table made by her friend from an actual car tire with glass over it, to little race car shot springs used for magazine racks, to shelves constructed by dirt bike tires, Ricci’s is looking like a brand new shop. Gone are the traditional hair cutting booths, and in their place are actual snap-shut tool boxes that Ricci says are a big hit with the customers. To welcome those customers, Ricci puts out fresh goodies every day including candy, popcorn, soda and so on. 

In the spot where Oasis Bar used to be, Ricci’s is open for business every day of the week besides Sunday. with no appointments necessary.

Mahnoor Ali
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