Part Plant, Part Witch Shop, Ritualist, Relocated to Main

In only a year Ritualist, part plant store, part witch store has moved to the center of town and the possibilities for the store’s future are endless. Photo courtesy of Dana Cooper

In what can only be described as a major upgrade, Ritualist, New Paltz’s favorite part witch shop part plant shop has moved to 72 Main street, almost a whole year since the creation of the shop’s first brick and mortar location.

Ritualist, a store created by Dana Cooper began as an online shop in May 2020. In April 2021, Cooper took her shop to 19 N. Front Street. When she found out that her new location was being renovated and ultimately available for rent, Cooper knew it was time to jump on the opportunity.

“The big front windows always caught my eye, and I knew that it would work perfectly for Ritualist, especially since we sell houseplants and could fill those windows with them. I feel really lucky that the timing worked out for me to move into this space, and I can’t wait to keep growing here,” said Cooper. 

Now when you walk down Main Street your eyes are immediately drawn to the big open windows filled with all kinds of beautiful greenery. 

Moving locations in such a short period of time is not an easy feat to accomplish and something Cooper didn’t think was possible for her shop. However, by the end of 2021, Ritualist was getting busier. The shop had cemented a solid following from the local community as well as a thriving social media presence of over 2,000 followers on their Instagram @ritualist_shop

After what she thought were nothing more than daydreams, a space became available. 

“It was a little scary to take the risk of moving to a bigger space so early on, but I had felt so much support from the community in our first year open, and had gotten a chance to see that what I was doing was really resonating with people. I feel so lucky and grateful that I was able to move to this space after only a year open in New Paltz,” said Cooper.

Only a week into the big move and Cooper has already seen an increase in traffic, something that is largely in part of the prime location in town. 

What she has also noticed is a big increase in plant sales. Cooper believes this is thanks to the shop’s new front windows making her diverse mix of common and rare plants as well as pots, soil and other accessories the first thing that people see when they walk down Main Street. 

Cooper made sure to emphasize the influence her family had on her decision to move, “there’s no way I would’ve been able to take such a risk without knowing that my family has my back. I especially need to thank my husband and my dad for helping me so much with the heavy lifting — they helped me move my stuff, assemble furniture, etc!” 

“And I never would’ve had the courage to take this risk if it wasn’t for all of the incredible customers I’ve encountered over the past year: their kind words, encouragement, purchases, event sign-ups, and belief in me is what continuously allows me to take leaps of faith like this with my business,” she added.

Now with a larger location Cooper is looking forward to the opportunities it has created. 

Shoppers should ready themselves for an expansion of offerings. Ritualist has already begun stocking new candles, books and tarot decks.

Cooper hopes to continue to reach more people, create more meaningful connections and become even more of a welcoming and supportive space for those entering her shop as Ritualist approaches its second year. 

“My goal with Ritualist has always been to make things like witchcraft and spiritual practice feel approachable and accessible to all who feel called to it, and that feels more important than ever now that we’re in front of a larger audience,” said Cooper.

Now that Cooper is all moved in and open for business in the new location, plans for Ritualist’s future are just beginning. 

Prepare for more community offerings, new classes like Plant Care 101, an astrology workshop and the next aura photo pop-up.

Now the possibilities for Ritualist are endless, with hopefully a full calendar of events coming soon. 

Be sure to stop by at 72 Main Street, look for the green. You can’t miss it. 

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