It’s all “Honey:” Samia Takes Her Honey Tour to Brooklyn

Samia played a hometown show at Brooklyn Steel on Feb. 11 for her sophomore album “Honey.” Photo Courtesy: Justin Donders

Singer-songwriter Samia played a hometown show for her new album “Honey” in Brooklyn on Feb. 11. It was her fifth stop in a three-month run of shows for her Honey Tour.

Artists Wormy and Tommy Lefroy opened for the indie pop star. Wormy, a member of Samia’s band, played a select few songs from his catalog. The songs were a good start to the night, retaining a similar vibe to Samia’s own sound but intriguing enough to stand alone. 

Tommy Lefroy, an international two-piece indie pop group, played a mix of songs from their catalog of singles and EPs. They both played guitar and took turns on main vocals, providing excellent harmonies between the two. A highlight track that everyone should have on their radar is the title track from their 2021 debut EP “Flight Risk.”

Samia opened her set with the lead single of her latest album titled “Kill Her Freak Out.” The song carries minimal synth production and allows her lyrics to fully come across. The lyric “When you get passive / I like to imagine / You listening to worship songs on your iPod,” deserves to be heard by everyone for obvious reasons.

Among the setlist included more upbeat tracks from her two albums. “Fit N Full” and “Big Wheel” were highlights from her 2020 debut album “The Baby.” Singles “Mad at Me” and the title track, both from “Honey,” had the Brooklyn Steel crowd cheering throughout. 

A personal favorite of mine from Samia is from her debut album, titled “Pool,” the song builds up as it progresses. The end of it is sung in an almost yell and sounded (if possible) even better live. It started with a voice memo from Samia’s grandmother that plays at the end of “To Me It Was” and flawlessly transitions into “Pool.”

There was a moment in the show where Samia’s voice cracked and she started to cry. It was during the outro of a track called “Breathing Song” off of her sophomore album “Honey.” The song tells a harrowing story and the outro consists of a “no” that is stretched out into an almost-shriek. When the song finished and the crowded erupted and Samia took to the side to cry for around twenty seconds. “Ta-da,” she said into the mic when she came back. 

The concert was an effort of both extreme love for her craft and for her friends and family. Throughout the show, she brought back openers Tommy Lefroy for a duet of her own “Dream Song,” and the encore featured an appearance from Rafaella, where the two sang “I Saw The Moon,” a cut from their joint project titled “Peach Fuzz.” 

Samia’s hometown show was a twenty-song long set that was a perfect highlight reel of her discography. Including songs from her other projects and standalone EP “Scout,” the singer-songwriter played a show that engaged every emotion. From reminiscing on the best times to reflecting on the worst, there was a song played for each one.

Samia’s Honey Tour continues on its North America run throughout the spring. Her sophomore album “Honey” is available everywhere now. 

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