SAP Committee Members Nominated To Board

After Student Association Productions (SAP) nominations, the Council of Organizations nominated four candidates to run for the remaining three seats on the SAP committee.

“Unfortunately we have been going through this process for a while this semester and we still have spots open,” Council of Organizations Chair Rose Faber said.

Faber said the SAP committee, which consists of 10 students works on large-scale entertainment events. During the meeting, she encouraged people to join if they were unhappy with the events last semester. She said that those who do not want to be on the board are welcome to volunteer during the events.

“Normally the big thing that SAP puts on is the concert which happens in the spring but already this semester there are things that we are working on,” Faber said.

To begin the nominations, Faber asked each candidate to introduce themselves to the council and discuss a brief reason why they thought they would be a positive addition to the SAP committee.

The candidates included Natalie Skoblow, Elizabeth Pinto, Brittany Jordan and Rachel Toy, all of whom were self-nominated.

Skoblow discussed her public relations major and music major that combined she said “sort of creates music management.” She said her background is helpful for the SAP committee and her good leadership skills can also be an asset.

Toy said as a new student she would like to get more involved with the school and she was interested in helping to plan events on campus. She said that she held jobs in the past which may help her work well on the SAP committee.

Unlike Toy, Pinto said she has experience with the SAP committee through volunteering for the SAP events last year. She said she enjoyed her experience with the SAP committee last year and decided that she wanted to become more involved with SAP.

Jordan said she wanted to be a part of SAP because she loves music and wants to be more involved on campus. She said she will listen to students’ concerns to help address any issues that may arise.

Second-year political science major Oladoyin Olanrewaju said she is looking forward to seeing what events SAP will hold once the committee is complete.

“I think it is very good that they took the initiative to nominate themselves for SAP,” Olanrewaju said. “SAP is very important because they plan one of our biggest events, the spring concert. I hope this SAP committee works their hardest to make sure students’ wants are heard.”

Following the nominations, Pinto and Skoblow were elected to the SAP committee during the senate meeting on Tuesday Nov. 13, leaving one seat left to be claimed.

“It’s a lot of work to be on the committee,” Faber said. “If you are willing to do it and get up there that’s one step that’s amazing to do.”