Saying Goodbye to The Oracle and Hello to the World

In my one year experience at SUNY New Paltz in the The Master of Science in Education English program, and as a weekly writer on The Oracle, my final moments can be summed up into two concepts: passion and time management. I really enjoyed getting to write articles that I felt passionate about and being able to share my creativity through weekly writing. I also believe that joining campus clubs and organizations can help to improve your time management and work ethic, which is something I was eager to partake in. Campus run clubs should be enjoyable since we are taking part in them during what little free time we have; as writing is my creative outlet, having newspapers, magazines and other opportunities to write on campus is something I have always looked forward to engaging with. The Oracle was also helpful for commuters, such as myself, because we were able to attend meetings virtually if needed. Being a part of this community of writers has definitely helped broaden my literary inspiration and motivation.

Being a part of a campus run club showed me when and how I should amplify my voice and write about things that mattered to me. I truly had a lot of fun with the articles I wrote this year. I especially enjoyed writing the articles: “Lighting the City with Newburgh Illuminated Festival,” “Have Some Fear,” “Scream 6 is Here” and “Take a 2000s Trip With this Time Capsule.” These were articles I felt I was able to express my true passions within my writing. As an avid reader, writer, movie lover and musician, being able to speak on topics I am so familiar with was very exciting. I loved being able to sit and write throughout my two semesters about topics I had pitched out of nothing but intrigue, dedication and enthusiasm. Being able to speak up and have a place where I am able to share my passion-driven writing through our physical newspaper and online website has meant a lot to me this year. I was able to easily share my articles with friends and family, while also having countless campus and community members enjoy it as well. 

Having weekly articles to write was inspiring for me to continue pursuing my career in English and broaden my horizons and experiences. Being able to see the number of views on our online website was also motivating for me as a writer and journalist, as I could physically see how many people were interested in what I had to say. This was continuously inspiring for me to see each week, as I felt that readers could connect with and appreciate my take on things, no matter which section I wrote for. I am really grateful that I was able to write for another college newspaper, such as The Oracle; it is so important for college campuses to offer places for all students to be able to delve even deeper into their passions with other students of similar interests. I will continue writing throughout my entire life, but I will always be thankful that I was able to share my writing with the New Paltz campus and community through the weekly release of The Oracle during the school year.