Have Some Fear, “Scream 6” Is Here: New Movie Review

Photo Courtesy: IMDb

On March 10, 2023, “Scream 6” was released in theaters, just a year after Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett’s 2022 “re-quel” rendition of “Scream.” Fans have been speculating and raving over what this addition to the series would include. This two hour horror-comedy film rang in a groundbreaking $44.5 million on opening weekend alone.  Many theaters also sold exclusive “Scream 6” cups, with tiny Ghostface toppers, which sold out quickly. It’s definitely safe to say that fans are very pleased with the progression of this well loved series. 

Both “Scream 5” and “Scream 6” star a newer and younger cast, likely to keep the enormous fanbase alive for both old and new audiences. Jenna Ortega is one recent star who did a phenomenal job to the point where many fans are now nicknaming her a new “scream queen.” Neve Campbell does not return as Sidney Prescott in the new movie, which creates almost the feeling of an ending to the first four films, and more of a concrete beginning of a newer franchise. Although her reason for not returning was due to salary issues, fans can at least get peace of mind for her character, as she is referenced as alive and well in the newest film. Keeping a fresh set of actors also helps to separate the two newer movies from the original four, while still keeping the classic whodunnit serial killer script on lock. The location of this movie takes place in bustling New York City, which is much different than the classic Woodsboro we see in the other movies; revamping both the cast and the iconic location is an honorable and savvy way to separate the movies from Wes Craven’s original four.

This fun film had many instances that might require a refresher of the old films. The references and acknowledgements — that tempted a breakage of the fourth wall throughout — were very powerful, similar to the previous films. The “Scream” movies are most notably recognized and praised for their self awareness in the dialogue. This aspect is enhanced further in the new movie; there are many scenes of the characters debunking who the killer could be. The celebration of horror tropes is very pleasing for an eager audience. There are also several scenes that pay homage to the entirety of the series in an extremely fitting way: flashbacks, old props and more. Many old characters are honored respectively throughout this movie, which makes it engaging for all of the die-hard fans.

The movie has great plot twists that keep you guessing who could be underneath the Ghostface mask the entire time. This particular film even includes more gruesome gore than any of the previous films; Ghostface is a little more brutal and out for revenge this time around. Additionally, seeing Ghostface in a brand new setting creates even more suspense and paranoia for both the characters and the audience. The movie has gotten many great reviews so far, and rightfully so. It pays respect to the old films just enough, while also separating itself as a new form of horror. It’s also very nostalgic that Randy Meeks’ niece, Mindy, is the one recounting the “rules” of horror movies this time around. If you can stomach it, it is 100% worth the watch, especially for lifelong “Scream” fans. You will not be disappointed.