Seasonally Sculpting Sentences

New Paltz alumna Elenor Wilson has been all over the world to get to where she is now. The non-profit organization, The Studio Potter, recently appointed her as associate editor.

The organization, which publishes a journal twice a year, has been thriving for more than 40 years and Wilson is excited to help keep the legacy alive.

Wilson is a studio artist who crafts both functional pottery and sculpture.

“There are several different kinds of art in the ceramic field,” Wilson said. “There are functional ceramics, like table wear and things you use and there are sculptures. Some things can be both, for instance ceramic plates that you can use but also hang on the wall.”

After graduating with a BFA from Southeast Missouri State University, Wilson went on to pursue a master’s degree at SUNY New Paltz and graduated with her MFA in 2009.  Following her graduation, she worked with The Studio Potter as an editorial intern.

In the fall of 2009, Wilson returned to SUNY New Paltz as a faculty member and taught in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts for a semester.

Shortly after, in 2010, Wilson began a residency program at the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.  She remained in Taiwan for three and a half years.

“I made contact with some amazing people in the ceramics community over there,” Wilson said. “The community is really healthy. I’ve even spoken to some of my closest contacts about coming to the states in the near future.”

For Wilson, being offered this position was what brought her back to the United States. While in Taiwan, she was given the opportunity of becoming the associate editor by The Studio Potter’s current editor, Mary Barringer.

Wilson was interested and the two began the conversation about her taking the position in early 2012, although Wilson did not move back to the states to begin working until this past August.

Wilson is currently training for her new job position and will move into the role as the associate editor this coming January.

Wilson said her goals include holding the high quality of the journal above all else.

“The current readership is composed of many longtime members who have come to expect a certain quality of publication ” she said.

Although Wilson is passionate about keeping the journal to the highest standards, she said she is looking to make a change since the way the journal operates hasn’t changed much since its creation in 1972.

“The editors have changed, but not the organization as a whole,” she said.

As the publication’s associate editor, Wilson hopes to offer members more in terms of digital availability. Since the publication only comes out twice a year, there is a considerable amount of time between prints.

Wilson hopes to be able to fill this gap between issues for the readership by updating what she calls an “aging” website.

Most importantly, Wilson said she hopes to follow in the footsteps of previous editors and “continue [their] legacy of producing quality publications.”