Senate Concludes For Semester

The 53rd student senate completed the semester with saying goodbye to graduating SA E-borad members.
The 53rd student senate completed the semester with saying goodbye to graduating SA E-borad members.

The 53rd student senate met for their final meeting of the semester on Tuesday, May 8 to discuss the Clean Construction Resolution, hear from Students with a Common Interest and say farewell to those not returning next semester.

The Executive Board (E-board) congratulated the senate on a productive semester as most of them move toward graduation.

“You all have done an amazing job this semester,” Student Association (SA) President Terrell Coakley said. “Just keep the ball rolling and thank you for a great semester.”

SA Executive Vice President Eve Stern said she is in the process of typing up information for the next vice president, which will help them get the hang of things come fall.

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Governance Ayanna Thomas said the senate passed new advising proposal which would help improve advising.

Sen. Wendy Cohen said many departments were revised and the methods professors were using to get students to fill out Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEIs), such as having students complete them during lab time.

Thomas said currently 711 students have voted in favor of the Student Activity Fee, leaving about 300 more required votes. She said Blackout Day is helping to highlight the importance of the Student Activity Fee.

Council Chair Shayna Bentley also encouraged the senators to vote for the Student Activity Fee and to spread the word. She said she sent out an email to promote the fee and forwarded it to  clubs and organizations.

Sen. Matt Clarkson sponsored a resolution written by Eric Wood, New Paltz’s NYPIRG chapter leader, which involved a clean construction policy. The Clean Construction Resolution requires all construction to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. The resolution was unanimously supported by the senate and approved.

Students with a Common Interest brought to the senate’s attention their concern with the administrative decision to stop funding temporary workers right before finals for the Tutoring Center. The representatives said tutoring was cut due to budgeting and the Tutoring Center needs $3,000 more dollars to be brought back.

Vice President of Finance Youssouf Kouyo said it is not possible for SA to fund the Tutoring Center.

However, Stern said she is in the process of talking to administrative officials about this issue and the students should wait until she gets a response before they act. She said she will be emailing the senate with the response from the administrators once they reply.

Coakley suggested that in the meantime, willing  tutors should volunteer to help students as they prepare for finals.

Residence Hall Student Association (RHSA) President Ranysha Ware awarded Coakley with her last bronze pin which is the highest award one can receive from RHSA.  She said although she had five to give out, she only gave three away. She said she chose Coakley because of his dedication to the role of president.