Senate Discusses Library Hours

Senate Discussed extending library hours on the weekends.
Senate Discussed extending library hours on the weekends.

The 52nd student senate discussed the Provost Search Committee, proposals for legislation regarding the reformation of library hours and endorsing a letter of complaint to Six Flags at their fifth meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Sen. Kaitlyn Day of the Constitution and Rules Committee (CRC) said the main goal of the library hour reformation legislation is to extend hours on the weekends.

Day and other CRC members will be meeting with the Sojourner Truth Library  Director Chui-Chun Lee to discuss the means of extending library hours on weekends.

“We’re going to ask her why did the library hours change,” said Day. “[We want the library] to be open earlier on Saturday and Sundays….and to close later on Fridays.”

If they aren’t getting the information they need from Lee, a backup plan would be to implement a survey on library hours or a petition about extending library hours.

Sen. Wendy Cohen suggested that they do a trial period of new library hours to see how many students actually use or visit the library during these new hours. Director of Student Activities and Union Services Michael Patterson agreed with Cohen, saying that there is a difference between opinions and what should be, and then behaviors and what actually happens.

“Behavior showed that students weren’t using the library at certain times and so those were the hours that they chose to cut back on,” Patterson said.

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Governance Ayanna Thomas explained to the legislative body the responsibilities of a provost before asking the legislative body for feedback on what to ask prospective provosts, as she represents the student interest on the Provost Search Committee.

“The Provost is the Vice President of Academic Affairs on the Administrative Level,” said Thomas. “[The Provost is also] a member of the presidents Executive Management Team.”

Thomas said that the provost is responsible for the library, graduate school programs, Academic Advising, the Honors Programs and oversees the budget of Academic Affairs and is also responsible for hiring and firing faculty.

Some suggestions that were given were that a question pertaining to library hours should be asked since she is responsible for the library. Sen. Samantha Kossin also suggested that Thomas ask about the “hiring and firing” in the faculty area because she feels that in a way they are “understaff[ed].”

The legislative body went on to impeach Sen. Brendon Kassel in a unanimous vote. However, he’s been impeached but not removed from senate, according to Patterson.

“He has the opportunity come up in front of [the legislative body] next week and plead his case,” Patterson said. “[He has to receive] a fair, equal play in front of the senate and state his case of why he should stay.”

Kassel, who is also a member of the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC), was impeached for only attending one senate meeting since he’s been elected and missing all BFC meetings.

The impeachment is the first part of a two-part process to remove someone from their seat.

Executive Vice President of Student Association (SA) Eve Stern and President Terrell Coakley discussed whether or not SA should endorse a letter they drafted on behalf of the school organization Mind In Question (MIQ).

The letter was drafted as a result of an incident that happened this past Sunday when Sen. Richard Jean-Louis, one of the founding members of MIQ, was accused of illegally soliciting Six Flags tickets. The Six Flags security fined him $50  and confiscated 11 tickets.

The letter requested that Six Flags reimburse SA for the fine they charged Jean-Louis and it says SA should not have to pay for the 11 tickets that were confiscated “as they were not used.” It also expresses disappointment in Six Flags after contributing a large amount of business to Six Flags.

Meanwhile, second-year student Jamie Zucker became the 16th member of the Academic Committee after being voted in by the legislative body. She is representing the School of Education.

“I had a tough start here, so I’m kind of getting involved now,” said Zucker.  “I’m excited that I’ve found something that I’m actually interested in participating in.”

The next general meeting of the student senate will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 11 in Student Union 418.