Sexual Assault Awareness Arrives

Photo courtesy of Consent Is So Frat.

Further efforts to prevent sexual assault are underway as Consent Is So Frat makes its way to SUNY New Paltz.

Consent Is So Frat is a nonprofit national organization that works with fraternities and sororities to provide information, education and awareness on consent education and prevention of sexual violence.

A large part of the campaign is the Campus Representative Program, in which a fraternity brother or sorority sister can become a leader on their own campus promoting the ideals of Consent Is So Frat on a more personal level by bringing the campaign’s materials and information to their fraternity or sorority. The current SUNY New Paltz representative is Evan Rosenberg, a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi.

Rosenberg, a third-year with a double major in history and Black Studies, wanted to be a representative of Consent Is So Frat because sexual assault is an issue that is usually attributed to fraternities and college campuses.

“Unfortunately, most reports are swept under the rug,” he said. “It is up to Greeks to provide a positive example and pave the way for a culture of consent.”

The curriculum for Consent Is So Frat is still in development in New Paltz in both fraternities and sororities. Rosenberg said he hopes this program will be fully develop by the spring semester.

Matt Leibowitz, a Wesleyan University graduate, started the campaign in order to continue his work with his own fraternity. Then he branched out to others on the issue of consent and sexual violence.

“Consent Is So Frat believes that what it means to be a member of a fraternity or sorority is about valuing consent and being allies in ending sexual violence on campus,” Leibowitz said.

Consent Is So Frat is seeking to promote a culture of consent within the Greek system. Awareness campaigns including photo campaigns, campus events and conversation-starting products, are created to display the dangers of sexual violence.

“Personally, I loved being in a fraternity and want fraternal organizations to be the best they can be,” Leibowitz said. “I also care deeply about preventing sexual violence on college campuses and am continuing to do so professionally now that I’ve graduated. My hope is that the two can be combined, that I can work with Greek organizations to help them be allies in ending sexual violence on campus.”

The organization reaches out to Greek communities that are interested in doing work around prevention of sexual violence and consent and offer the campaign’s support and materials.

If a chapter of the Greek life community is interested in working with Consent Is So Frat, the organization can be reached either on social media or at