Six Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in New Paltz

First-year student Timothy Publik explores the Village of New Paltz and comes across the classic New Paltz peace sign.

Here at New Paltz, we have a lot of those ‘instagram models.’ We have a lot of real models as well, with a matching amount of aspiring photographers to accompany them and we also happen to have lots of cute sites for backdrops. Putting two and two together makes for a pretty picturesque town, if you ask me. As an avid selfie-taker and self-proclaimed visionary myself, I have compiled a list of the best places to snap some shots right here in the Village of New Paltz.

I’m just going to get this first one out there: the sunflower field. Yes, the sunflower field. Say it’s basic, say you’ve seen it so many times that you’re sick of it, call it what you will, but you have to admit it is beautiful. If New Paltz had a prime season, it would be late summer and the sunflowers would be its trademark. Be a hater all you want, but you can’t deny seeing those tall, yellow stalks of joy make you all warm and fuzzy inside.

Let’s bring it back inside since it is still the dead of winter. B-Side Grill—and, and,—the well beloved Huji app. Boom. I just put you on. The retro decor, pop art and record disks all along the walls, with the nostalgic ‘90s filter app will have your ig poppin’. You’ll look pseudo-cultured, which is all we really want, right? Double points if you order a shake and pretend to sip it.

This next one has a special spot in my heart: Cafeteria Coffee House. People have mixed opinions about this place and its ambiance, but I think that’s the point considering all the mixed furniture. My favorite feature? That one banker’s lamp on the center table. Man, am I a sucker for that. For a cute picture, however, try one of the old, corduroy or velvet couches that look like they were once some handsome pieces in their time. Or, to be discreet, go up to one of the almost undetectable little chair and tables. Lastly, try the guitar counter as a background if that’s more of your thing.

Going with the theme of old is gold, try Huckleberry. Now this place invented the word “rustic.” Hidden away on Church Street, it is a two-story, pale blue-green house that looks like it came out of a vintage story book. There is outdoor seating around fire pits and underneath string lights for when it is warm enough. Alternatively, inside the first floor is a cozy little pub with tall chairs and exposed light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Up the stairs you’ll find a done-but-undone vibe of a restaurant with several doors being used as booths. It’s hard to explain, and you won’t even notice until you’re sitting there for a minute and really looking, but trust me it’s a vibe.

A little forgotten, but still prominent and uber bougie attraction is Water Street Market. Walk through it, wait for the inevitable tourists to pass by, maybe even wander in to a shop, catch the light just right and snap. Your latest post will have you looking polished and refined.  

Last, but not least, I bring you back to a very simple, but very New Paltz little spot. The peace sign Besides the sunflowers, this mural is the first thing visitors post from the village. And you know what? That’s ok. That’s us, that’s part of this town so why not get that basic shot while you’re here? One day, when you’re far away and long gone, you’ll look back and have that memory as a reference point for your years here. You’ll be able to tell people that your college town was so hippie you guys had a peace sign mural. It’s just a shame that trash can is always in the way though. 

Mahnoor Ali
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