Sophie Studios: Recording New Paltz DIY Scene History

Named after the owner’s miniature schnauzer, a new recording studio called Sophie Studios has set itself up in New Paltz, home of an exponentially growing do-it-yourself (DIY) music scene. Located at 164 Main St., Sophie Studios is convenient for any local band to record their next hot record. 

The studio is run and operated by three “able-minded engineers” who seem to be passionate about making and producing music of all sorts. What’s more is that this “boutique recording studio” has a collection of vintage synthesizers, guitars, basses, along with digital and analogue equipment — the resources to provide a super sick recording experience. 

As a relatively new operation, Sophie Studios opened about six or seven months ago. Fish Filet, the owner, is an experienced songwriter, touring singer, pianist, bassist, guitarist, drummer and a certified audio engineer. Filet spent time in studios across the tri-state area and eventually decided to open up his own boutique studio with a focus on analog equipment. Even more impressive, Filet has a strong grasp on vintage instrument trading, an essential part of what makes Sophie Studios diverse and enticing. 

Sophie Studios is funded with marketing work that Filet did for artists across the country over the last few years. Filet has successfully created networks online with over 12.5 million in reach. Moreover, not only does Sophie Studios offer a fantastic recording experience along with state of the art equipment, but they also sell gear like pedals, such as TE-2 amplifiers, including a vintage Yamaha bass/cab and guitars, like a custom thinline telecaster. 

Filet met Desmond Morton and Rome from their mutual work in Pennsylvania. Morton and Rome were excited about Filet’s idea to open up this studio, so they jumped state lines to help him start it up. 

Desmond Morton is a production assistant, audio engineer and session guitarist with years of production and songwriting experience over at Sophie Studios. Rome (Jeffrey Chambers) is a stand in production assistant, session drum player, guitarist and bassist who has years of playing live, recording and running bands under his belt. 

Filet, Morton and Rome admire the DIY music scene in New Paltz. Filet said “it’s wonderful seeing such a supportive community.” Filet thinks “it would be nice to see local businesses and artists alike working together to create a sustainable economic structure for the art community out here.” He wants to see “collaboration between various members of the community.” With Sophie Studios and more partnerships across the New Paltz DIY community, New Paltz will be a haven and creative, safe space for musicians and artists of all kinds. 

Filet foresees the studio moving to a full commercial space and even opening up a live venue in the future. He says that it would be ideal to stay on Main St. in New Paltz, but they’re also thinking about spaces in Beacon and Newburgh. 

If you are a local musician, check out Sophie Studios, and follow them on Instagram @sophie.studios. To book a session, visit contact tab at

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