Sound Your Truth Event Uplifts & Amplifies Underrepresented Voices

The Sound Your Truth event combined art and social activism, students shared their stories and messages across multiple platforms. Photo courtesy of Austin Jefferson.

The Eddy’s Sound Your Truth event was held in the courtyard outside the Sojourner Truth Library from 5 – 8 p.m. on Thursday Oct. 14 at SUNY New Paltz. It was a powerful display of community, both campus and local, that showed many have a hope for a better future.

The event was a combination of arts and social activism. Speakers who spanned teachers, students and citizens performed, read passages and spoke about their experiences in society. 

One of the main attractions was the long trio of scrolls laid out on the ground ahead of the mic stand. Each one was an invitation for attendees to inscribe in charcoal a message, thought, drawing or feeling they wanted to share with the community. 

In that trend, another installation included a chalkboard with messages about accountability.

Also present were a collection of prints and infographics displaying people’s feelings on the issues being discussed.  

One infographic specifically displayed a timeline of oppression globally and locally. Tick marks ranged from Western Imperialism to American lawmaking. The prints were a beautiful collection of monochromatics depicting a variety of images.

Additionally, in the theme of sounding your truth, there was a station for making paper bullhorns where creators could write special messages along the circumference.

Ranging from systemic racism, sexism, love, loss and loneliness, the environment created was one of togetherness, dispelling the notion that social activism creates tribalism within communities. 

The important thing was that their voices were heard as everyone was welcome to speak. 

Representatives from many departments ranging from digital media and journalism to Black Studies were present. 

One woman read a poem about her experiences with maintaining an identity while dating and another community member spoke about the importance of recognizing disbaled rights and struggles.

Some guests simply stumbled upon the proceedings and felt an urge to find out what was going on. 

Anouk Bordeaux, a third-year digital media management major, spoke of simply “walking through campus” before seeing the proceedings and thinking that they “wanted to see what it was about.”

The message of supporting underrepresented voices was shown with more than words. Bordeaux themself got up to speak to the crowd, sharing their belief that trans happiness was real. 

The sense of community outlined in the event and seen in its execution was something to behold. 

Inclusivity can often be an easy buzzword to use when promoting a cause, but the Sound Your Truth event was the real thing.

Organizers were pleased with the outcome of the evening. Black Studies professor Anthony Dandrige, who helped set up the event along with other members of SUNY New Paltz’s  The Eddy, felt pride in the night. 

 “When I left the event I noted that I had four students ask if we were doing the event again, two of my own, two that I did not know,” stated Dandridge. “How do I spell success? Well, moments like that definitely strongly contribute to it.”

An event covering the topics that this strove to, that saw over 250 guests with a smile on their faces should in fact be called a success.