Sport or Not: 8 A.M. Classes

8 a.m. classes are an exhausting thing to experience, as they require students to wake up extremely early.

I roll over on my tiny twin XL dorm room bed, abruptly awakened from my sweet dreams by the blaring alarm that’s ringing on my phone. I check the time, and it’s only 7:00 in the morning. Never did I think that I’d be waking up just as early as I did in high school for my college classes, but I guess I thought wrong. So here I am, stumbling around my room half-asleep scrounging up my belongings to pack my bag for class. I run across campus at a track runner’s speed just trying to get to my class on time. Through my huffing and puffing, I open the doors, as I brave the storm that is the Humanities building stairs. Three flights later, I’m gasping for air like I just ran a marathon. I slouch down into my broken desk chair as I mentally prepare myself to sit through class. Meanwhile, the sun is barely rising over the valley. I can’t help but think – why did I do this to myself? I fight back my yawns and restrain myself from closing my eyes for the dreaded hour-and-15 minute long class that feels like an eternity. So, the question still remains: are 8 a.m. classes a sport or not? Yes, they certainly are.