Sport or Not?: Being an WFNP DJ

Being a radio DJ sounds like a relatively simple and stationary job. You sit in the studio, you play some tunes, you crack a few jokes, you go home. However, I would argue that it is a sport to be a WFNP DJ. 

Now, I’m personally still a rookie to the game of disc jockeying, but I bet even seasoned pros would agree this is a sport; one filled with strategy, timing and speed. 

For me and my co-host, it starts with the relay race. I run from class in Coykendall Science Building (CSB) and she comes from Old Main. Usually, I win this leg of the race. 

Next comes the passing of the baton. We enter the studio and smoothly pass off from one show to the next with the ever-graceful switch of the aux cord between laptops. Load up the legal ID, the PSAs, the Spotify playlist and take a breath. Sounds like we’re done with the hard part … right? Wrong.
Now we’re on the air and it becomes an Olympic-level game of “watch what you say.” The Federal Communications Committee (FCC) is not a big fan of obscenities and I often have the mouth of a sailor, according to my friends and family. My show, The Suggestion Box, frequently has guests, meaning even more mouths to watch out for.

Then if you’re strategic, you planned your playlist ahead, of course watching out for those pesky curse words and sexual innuendos. The timing of the songs and groupings is a sport and science, ensuring it all flows well and stays on schedule. By the end of the hour, you’re sweating, thirsty and all you want is to go home. But don’t forget to turn on the automation before you leave!