Sport or Not: The Walk of Shame

It’s always brutal the morning after going to the bars. Maybe you were knocked around in the mosh pits at a house show or stuck in the crowds at pigs — your body will always feel like it was run over the next morning. While it’s ideal to go home in your cushy bed that you’re familiar with, there’s also the possibility of going home with that special someone you just met. 

For this week’s Sport or Not, I present to you the grueling marathon that we all endure the morning after: the walk of shame. I love how walkable New Paltz is. I always walk to work and I love a stroll down the Rail Trail, but the second I have to leave in the morning to go “feed my cats,” it’s a whole other ball game. It’s honestly like having to race in a cross country match and you’re extremely unprepared. You’re extremely hungover and your uniform is a crop top and ripped jeans that you wore the night before. All of a sudden the small roads of New Paltz become longer and wider, and the haze you’re in makes you take so many wrong turns. 

Honestly, no one should trust me to be on my own. It’s amazing I’ve been able to come this far by myself. I love to go out and have a great time with friends, but those dreadful walks of shame just never get easier, no matter the frequency.   

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Kenny Nohavicka (They/Them) is a fourth year digital media management major from Westchester, NY. They have been writing for the Oracle since they transferred to SUNY New Paltz in Spring 2021. When they’re not writing, Kenny can be found shopping on Main st, dancing to Katy Perry, or doom scrolling through Instagram.