Sport or Not: Putting Together IKEA Furniture

Is assembling IKEA furniture a sport? It's up to you to decide...

You walk through the door, greeted by the sweet smell of Swedish meatballs and glowing furniture. Every time you walk into IKEA, you have a plan – a goal. All the furniture is speaking to you with shining displays. “This looks easy enough to build,” you think to yourself as you grab all the pieces. The price is so good, it cannot be beat. You buy a table, thinking it should be easy enough to build on your own. When you go home, you lay out all the pieces almost like an adult Lego set. The pictures are no longer the only thing that you are confused about. As time goes by, you realize five hours have passed and you only have two legs on the table. You are frustrated; sweat is dripping down your face. Since you’ve already committed so much time, you know that today is the day you must finish the table. The whole day passes, and the table is finally built. You put it in the corner that you pictured it in for months when you realize you screwed in one of the legs crookedly. You step back in defeat and realize that the time and pain are never worth the price. “I am never buying furniture from IKEA again” you ponder to yourself after the pain and suffering. Sadly, you realize that you also need a new bed frame and the sliding doors of IKEA welcome you in again. It’s safe to say that this painful sequence of events can be classified as a sport. 

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