Spring Semester In Rewind

This semester’s weather may have wavered, but it remained reliable on the artsy end.

The spring blossomed into some memorable moments and others we’d rather forget. ut in the spirit of positivity, here is my take on the best of the semester:

Best TV Show: 

“Broad City”

Although I haven’t finished the series (gasp), the eight out of 10 episodes I marathoned left me both laughing at and relating to each character — I mean I am Ilana Glazer. The series features two best friends whose opposites not only attract, but make for a dynamic duo dripping with humor and girl power.

Best Album: 

Ingrid Michaelson’s Lights Out

Ingrid’s work, between her soothing voice and acoustic sound will always put my soul at ease, and this album was no exception.

My favorite track, “Home,” the first on the album, left me with a nasty lump in my throat associated with the approaching notion of graduating, as its lyrics “This is my home/Where I go when I don’t know where else to go/I know everything about this place/It wears your face/Even when my body blows away, my soul will stay” ripped my heart straight out of my chest.

Best Movie:

 “Muppets Most Wanted”

As a Muppets enthusiast, this movie was an automatic hit in my eyes even before I entered the theater, so I would have been content just watching the gang flail around to some corny lyrics.

The addition of the hilarious Tina Fey, plus several big-name cameos including Celine Dion, Usher and Stanley Tucci with a classic Beaker blowing something up in the background, made for a memorable musical motion picture.

Best Single:

Ed Sheeran’s “Sing”

This song, the lead single released on Monday, April 7 from our favorite ginger Brit’s album X, to be released Monday, June 23, has a heavy guitar, percussion and R&B influence, setting it apart from his earlier, more acoustic work.

That said, the song’s catchy beat, soulfully syncopated lyrics and  falsetto’d hook has the makings of a future summer jam. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.