Springing Into Athletic Recreation


The first session of spring intramural leagues began on Feb. 4, and students are competing to win the prized intramural champion T-shirt.

Joe Deck, assistant director of Wellness & Recreation and director of intramurals, is in charge of facilitating and scheduling intramurals and club sports.

Deck said he wants students to have an opportunity to be active while also having fun. The competition also allows students to meet new people who have common interests, he said.

“The main goal of the intramural program is to provide the general student the opportunity to play in organized sports in a fun and recreational environment, since many students are missing that piece of their high school lives,” Deck said. “Also, intramurals provide students with an opportunity to get rid of the stress of their day-to-day college life.”

Third-year communication disorders major Jess Sedgley is currently participating in intramural badminton and said she loves being able to compete at a recreational level.

“I joined an intramural sport to get involved,” Sedgley said. “I have always enjoyed playing badminton. It’s great being able to compete at something. It’s great interacting with new people and being able to interact with others out of your comfort zone.”

Setting up the intramural leagues for students is not easy, Deck said. Along with publicizing the events and coordinating game schedules, Deck and his staff need to hire and train student officials and scorekeepers.

“There is quite a bit that goes into setting up intramural leagues,” Deck said.  “We have to publicize the upcoming events and get students to register.  Then we need to coordinate schedules between all the leagues that we have offered at the same time to make game schedules that fit within the available facilities.”

Arielle Bloom, a second-year undeclared major said she enjoyed her time playing intramural volleyball during the fall 2012 semester and encourages students to participate in intramurals.

“I would absolutely recommend it,” Bloom said. “It was one of the best ways to stay active in college, and it’s so much fun to do with your friends.”

Deck and his staff notice the hard work students display on the field or court and strive to reward them, he said. They choose a player of the night for each night of competition and post an article on np.hawks.com/recreation to highlight the games.

“We do our best to recognize the accomplishments of the participants by keeping up-to-date standings and stats,” Deck said. “And of course there is always the prize that champions strive to win. At the end of the season, we crown a champion and they receive the coveted intramurals champion T-shirt.”

The T-shirt fuels Sedgley’s desire to win.

“I obviously want to win so I can win the T-shirt at the end,” Sedgley said.

Registration for the second session of spring intramural leagues begins March 18.