Stellar Yoga Opens In New Paltz This Winter

Stellar yoga supports those looking for community through their classes and individual restoration. Photo courtesy of Stellar Yoga.

The newly opened Stellar Yoga studio in the heart of New Paltz is offering classes to people of all ages and skill levels, along with being a haven for community and growth, for people to build connections and their yoga practice.  

“Stellar Yoga started from a place of love,” said owner Victoria Gagne. “I wanted a place where everyone felt welcomed and encouraged, [and] also a place where we could share knowledge from everybody — everybody has something special they could share.” 

Gagne is the sole yoga teacher in the Stellar Yoga studio, with a background of over 25 years in the wellness and healthcare field. She has taught yoga across the country and is informed in “​​Yoga, massage therapy, Thai yoga, birthing doula, and aromatherapy” practices. She continues her education in areas such as “Reiki, sound healing, and chakra energy healing,” to further her knowledge in the holistic wellness field. Her classes are “tailored for the moment by being present, crafting a unique, interactive experience for each class and yogi.”

“I wanted people to have a place they could walk to; a place where they could come and unload and leave their worries of stress, any concerns, leave it here,” said Gagne regarding opening Stellar Yoga,  “Somehow this space made you feel better and feel comfortable. So that you could explore yoga and want to keep coming back.”

The studio has a variety of classes for the beginner, to the experienced yogis. There are classes focused on breathing and rhythmic flow, vinyasa sessions for a more dynamic and challenging class, partnered classes for those wanting to experience yoga together and even therapeutic and restorative classes for those seeking individual support. There are typically one to two classes per day. Stellar Yoga will also be hosting a variety of events, including new moon and full moon ceremonies. The Studio provides all materials needed in class, but those attending are welcome to bring their own mat and other materials they might need. 

But why should someone do yoga?

“Yoga is mental wellness,” said Gagne. For those who are trying out yoga for the first time, or if it is their 100th class, Gagne says she “would hope that they will find peace and comfort when they come in here and know that they are not entering a place of judgment, that they are entering a place of welcoming, loving yogis that are here.”

Stellar Yoga opened its doors for classes in late September of this year. Since then, community members have come in to take classes, share their stories and build up this new business. But there is still growth to be had, just like when practicing yoga.

“This is only the beginning,” said Gagne, “We’re going to pretty much blossom with all the support that we’ve had, it’s been really great.” 

You can find Stellar Yoga at 11 Church Street, to the right of Beans Cat Cafe. To book a class, purchase a monthly membership, or get a 10-class pass, you can visit their website or contact them through their email