Top Ten Random Bucket List Activities I Want To Try

One of the latest developments in my personality has been to document every single stupid idea that crosses my mind on my notes app and call it a “bucket list.” None of these things have any correlation to one another, nor do they make any sense. Okay, some of them are real bucket list things — but they’re mostly super random things that I feel weirdly passionate about trying.

There’s no particular order to this list an

d not all of these things are feasible to my current lifestyle, but they’re things I think would be fun nonetheless. Honorable mentions include visiting every country, being on the cover of VOGUE, going to a disco and learning the choreography to every song in both the “Camp Rock” movies. 

1) Be on “Too Hot to Handle”

This idea came from a clip on my TikTok For You page showing people failing on the show. I have absolutely zero intention of ever being on this godforsaken show — but if I was, I would absolutely kill it. First of all, I would win the money. Hands down no questions asked. Second of all, there’s no way keeping your hands to yourself is THAT hard. Watching the contestants struggle to not touch one another for about a month is one of the most infuriating things ever. There’s no way it’s that hard — it can’t be.

2) Go to a European Football Game

This idea stemmed from watching a compilation of the funniest chants in European football. As an American soccer player, going to a soccer/football game in Europe is on the top of my strange bucket list for one reason only: the crazy fans. If you’re ever bored, look up funny YouTube compilations of ruthless Europeans yelling at players on the pitch. I would love to join the hecklers yelling super funny insults at people on the field. Sidenote, there are some very brutal chants that are super offensive and would not fly here in America — but some of them are hilarious. My personal favorite is when fans brought an inflatable penis to the game and it got taken by security and they all began chanting “we want our d**k back.”

3) Go to an Airport and Have an Employee Pick my Destination

This idea came entirely from the 2016 era of YouTube where people would travel to random places with zero plans and have to figure it out along the way. Having someone else pick my destination at random would be both terrifying and super fun. This seems somewhat dangerous, so I would need to go with a group of people (let me know if you’re down) — but I think it would be a really cool way to explore the world and see things I never would’ve thought to visit.

4) Be in the Circus

This came from watching the “The Greatest Showman” years ago. I have no idea what my act would be; I can’t juggle, I’m not flexible and I’m average by every means of the word. However, I think it would be such a fun fact to whip out during ice breaker conversations; imagine everyone saying their fun fact is that they’ve been to Jamaica while you’re sitting there saying “I’ve been in the circus.” Amazing.

5) Take Figure Skating Lessons

This came from the time two of my best friends and I went ice skating on New Year’s Eve last year. As we skated in Albany Plaza, the three of us took turns stumbling and completely wiping out on the barely-frozen ice. As we were skating, I saw a girl who clearly was a figure skater, twirling around on the ice. I thought to myself, “Hey, that would be a weird, niche thing to be able to do.” Hence, it’s now a part of this list. 

6) Get My Motorcycle License 

I’ve been saying this since I was super young, much to my parents’ dismay. My dad had a bunch of motorcycles when he was younger and has seen the inside of the hospital room enough times to tell me if I ever stepped foot on one, there would be serious consequences. Truth of the matter is I’ve never even sat on a motorcycle before — but how iconic would it be to whip around on a bike? There’s also the matter of buying one, which I would never be able to afford. Whatever, it’s still something I can think about when I’m bored.

7) Sleep in a Walmart

This was also fueled by the era of YouTube when everyone was trying to stay overnight in stores. I also feel like it’s every kid’s dream to be locked in a store with unlimited food and entertainment for an entire night. Realistically, I couldn’t ever do this because it would look bad on my record — but man, I would build an awesome fort out of toilet paper.

8) Learn the Rules of True American and Play

Every “New Girl” fan knows exactly what I’m talking about. Essentially, the game is a drinking game with random rules that is played at least once every season of the show that no one can understand. I’ve tried countless times to look up the rules online, but nothing is cohesive and I have yet to find the patience to really look into it. But hey, if anyone wants to play you know where to find me.

9) Try Vegemite

Essentially, vegemite is this Australian spread for toast that is allegedly one of the nastiest foods you can eat. This has been on my picky-eater bucket list for forever. Everyone who knows me knows I am an absolute pain about food. Not in a health crazy way or in a vegan way — no, I’m genuinely the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet. My palette is the equivalent of a small child, where I won’t eat anything that looks funny, has a weird texture, has a weird taste, is strange, has a name I can’t pronounce, that I can picture as a live animal — I could go on forever. I’m also really opposed to trying new things; I just started eating vegetables my freshman year of college and tried pineapple for the first time last summer because every encounter prior I thought it looked funny and refused to eat it. However, one of the only foods I’m willing to try is vegemite because I know it’s horrible — but how bad could it really be? Maybe my weird-backwards palette would like it. Regardless, I’m trying this some day.

10) Ride a Mechanical Bull 

This one was again inspired by my TikTok for you page. I saw multiple people fly off mechanical bulls when they weren’t moving that fast. I’ve talked to multiple sources (A.K.A. my friends Maddie, Maggie and Julia) and we all agreed that there’s no way it’s that hard. We decided that eventually, we will conquer this task and prove to ourselves that we are, in fact, built different.

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