Student Reps Discuss CAS Goals

SA President Jennifer Sanchez and SA Executive Vice President Eve Stern both sit on the CAS Board

Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS) has recently added four student representatives to its board. Each representative is in charge of representing student views and opinions throughout campus concerning issues with food on campus, ID or meal cards, sustainability and bookstore/textbook issues.

The four elected were Student Association President Jennifer Sanchez, off-campus representative Carrie Sauer, on-campus representative Jonathan Freifeld and Executive Vice President Eve Stern.

Sanchez is known as the parliamentarian, answering questions about the rules of the board for anyone with concerns. She said she is most interested in continuing efforts to go green and improving the food services.

“We talked about how we’re going to be purchasing from Red Barn, which is locally grown food and organic, healthier options,” said Sanchez.

Currently, 75 percent of all produce is coming from Red Barn.

Other ideas were also brought up at the first and only meeting so far, such as the Zip Car.

“Just at the last meeting, we were talking about starting up a rental car service on campus where you can literally rent the car by the hour, which is pretty cool for students who need to go to Stop & Shop and get groceries,” said Sanchez.

She said this will most likely go into effect next semester.

Inspired by Vassar, Council of Organizations Chair Shayna Bentley brought up the idea to Sanchez to have Tupperware containers for Hasbrouck Dining Hall, like refillable coffee mugs, instead of plates. Students using these containers would be able to reuse their Tupperware and get a discount. Sanchez said she would like to bring this up to the CAS board at the next meeting.

Stern acts as an alternate representative for Sanchez, so she can only vote when Sanchez is not present at a meeting. However, she can still participate in committees. She currently sits in the Jim Frederick Scholarship Committee, the Retail Committee and the Vending Committee.

“I hope to achieve a strong student voice on the board. CAS is run by the school, and the school is run by the students. There is a large, sustainable green movement on campus by the students that I hope [I] do represent to my best ability,” said Stern. “As well as textbooks and scholarships, I hope to get as much money for students through scholarships, and really look through CAS’s budget to see what can be critiqued.”

Stern also spoke to CAS Director Steve Deutsch to check with the bookstore about getting a textbook from every class to be on reserve at the library for students.

“This will be fundamental for students throughout different studies, especially because so many books are ridiculously expensive,” she said. “Another great reason for this is for students enrolled in [general education] classes, where they need to buy an expensive book that they will hardly use, or will never use again.”

Stern said they spent most of the first meeting getting caught up on past and present issues as well as establishing chairs and different committees.

Freifeld did not attend the first meeting due to a scheduling conflict, so is he is unaware of his specific job. However, he is also interested in cheaper textbooks and providing better food services for students, making sure there are better prices, more vegetarian options and different types of meal plans.

“I would also like to look at the budget for the past few years and see which areas have gotten increases and which have not,” he said. “I want to make sure the students are well represented and make sure schools groups such as [Resident Hall Student Association] gets [an] increase in funding to continue to expand [its] reach on campus through programming.”

Each representative said they are very excited to make progress and hope to make a difference on the board.