SUNY New Paltz is No. 1 Employer in Area

SUNY New Paltz recently released its economic impact statement which detailed the college’s influence in the Hudson Valley area. The economic impact statement shows that the college is currently Ulster County’s number one employer.

The study showed the college generated $359.2 million in overall economic activity and 3,439 jobs annually to the Hudson Valley economy, as well as $415.9 million and 4,100 jobs to the New York State economy. Since the last economic impact statement is issued three years ago, the numbers showed an improvement by $23 million in economic activity along with 178 additional jobs created in the Hudson Valley compared to the previous report.

The college currently employs 1,707 full-and part-time employees (not counting student workers), which is an increase of 108 since 2011-12. The study also stated that college employees volunteered about 158,000 hours in the Hudson Valley region. The volunteerism by the college employees is said to have generated more than $4.3 million in economic impact.

With the college being the No.1 one employer in Ulster County along with contributing nearly $360 million to the local economy, the numbers have gotten the attention of local officials around the county, this includes James Delaune, who is an Ulster County Legislator representing District No. 17. 

“SUNY New Paltz’s cultural and economic contributions to Ulster County have been an important driver of stable employment and investment in our local businesses,” Delaune said. 

Town of New Paltz supervisor Neil Bettez also realizes the impact that the college has on the local community.

“As town supervisor, I appreciate the contribution that SUNY New Paltz makes to our region’s economy,” he said.

Village mayor Tim Rogers echoed a similar sentiment to Bettez with the impact that the college has on the local community.

“There is no doubt that SUNY New Paltz is an important contributor to the financial character and health of the local community,” he said. “This proves that you can’t think about this community without thinking about SUNY New Paltz.”

Delaune added that the impact the college has goes beyond just numbers.

“The economic impact of SUNY New Paltz is not just measured in jobs and local economic activity, the college impacts upon the social and cultural environments of all of Ulster County. Equally important, is the fact that SUNY is helping to grow the single greatest resource for our economy: human capital.”