Super Bowl Commercials Ranked

Super Bowl commercials are as coveted an American tradition as the big game itself, with companies spending $6 million for the opportunity to advertise their brand in a creative way that leaves a mark on consumers for the next year. Every year, watchers line up to be wooed to laughs and tears from the 30-second ads that have become a topic of excitement for sport enjoyers, and non-athletically-inclined folk alike. Below I’ve compiled a list of the five (in my humble opinion) best Super Bowl LVII commercials this year … please consume with a grain of salt.

#5 Doritos

The stoner-snack favorite takes you on a magical journey to a universe in which Jack Harlow is spiritually enlightened by the most versatile instrument of all: the triangle. Together, just Jack and his triangle against the world, take the industry by storm! That is, until Elton John steals his thunder as Best Triangle Player of the Year … quite a hilarious ride for all enjoyers of the triangle-shaped snack.

#4 Pop Corners

For all the Breaking Bad girlies out there, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White are back at it cooking up Pop Corners, rather than crystal meth this time. According to Tuco’s order, seven new flavors of Pop Corners are on the market as we speak. What can I say? Those silly little felons are such a delight.

#3 Dunkin’

Ben Affleck and Dunkin’ are almost as complementary a pair as Ben Affleck and controversial comments … so needless to say the public ate up this year’s commercial of Affleck behind the counter at a local Dunkin’ drive-thru. Although I find Affleck absolutely infuriating in any other context, the idea of the Massachusetts-bred misogynist surviving a single day in the food service industry was just absurd enough to be one of the most entertaining bits of this Super Bowl season. 

#2 Farmer’s Choice

I get bored easily by the same sappy dog commercials on screen on any given network on a Friday night. However, Farmer’s Choice tore my heartstrings apart when they showed us the life cycle of a chocolate lab who stays by his owner’s side through her childhood, college and adult years, supporting her through it all. I’d be lying if I said tears were not shed. 

#1 Rakuten

Perhaps not everyone’s favorite but it was mine. The cash-back shopping app that none of us have ever heard of somehow had the budget to procure one of the most quintessential 90s starlets, Alicia Silverstone, to star as her cult classic fashion icon, Cher Horowitz, in the snappy Clueless-themed commercial. Complete with dupes of Cher’s famous wardrobe, including her legendary yellow plaid suit and skirt set and cherry-red beret getup, the costumes and Silverstone’s fresh-as-ever acting chops mimicking the beloved character 30 years later, left my jaw on the floor.