Sustainable Solutions #6: Take A Look Around

I hope everybody is enjoying the warm weather. I know I am! On Saturday, I went on a great hike with many members of the sociology department and on Sunday, day seven of Sustainable Action Week, I attended the yoga and meditation on the quad. It was the perfect end to a very warm and nature-loving weekend.

Sustainable Solution #6: Take a look around

The greens are forming beautifully, the flowers are growing gracefully and the sky is blue, blue, blue. Every year, when spring arrives, I am thoroughly impressed at how capable and giving our Earth is. There is beautiful nature happening around us and it is our job to appreciate and preserve that in every way we can. While we enjoy the warm weather and the taste of spring air, I think it is important to focus on what we can do for the Earth.


Instead of going to the gym, enjoy some time outside. Go hiking, do some yoga outdoors, take a walk, ride your bike or  garden.

Take a look around the beautiful nature and thenlook at my last few columns and see what you can do to keep our Earth healthy and clean!