Sweat For Change

Photo by Maxwell Reide.
Photo by Maxwell Reide.
Photo by Maxwell Reide.

All muscles were covered during the workout of the day (WOD) at a local fundraiser for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, ALS, this month.

The muscle that received the most reps, however, proved to be the muscles found at the corners of the mouths of each participant.

Over 25 locals turned out to Cross Fit 299, one of eight participating gyms, on Saturday Sept. 13, to show their support and receive one crazy workout. The event was part of an ALS fundraising initiative called, “Quinn for the Win.”

Pat Quinn, one of the co-founders of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, was in attendance at the Highland event.

Named after Quinn, this event was one of many that took place to help raise awareness of ALS, according to Cross Fit co-owner, Joseph Judge.

Raised in Yonkers, 31-year-old Quinn was diagnosed with ALS on March 8, 2013, according to his website.

Smiles, sweat, and up-beat music filled the small exercise room while people participated in the intense WOD.

But they worked out for a cause.

Judge said he began fundraising online prior to the local event itself with a goal of collecting $5,000. Once the day was done they had collected $6,265.

Judge was introduced to Quinn through a mutual friend several years ago after playing in a White Plains Rugby match and the two have stayed close friends since.

Donations to the ALS cause can be sent to alsa.org/donate.