Sweet, Sweet French Toast

Having a huge sweet tooth severely limits (or broadens, depending on who you ask) my food choices. No matter the time of day, there’s always that underlying craving for some type of food that’s been sugared down and more than likely, overly processed.

Which leads me to the point: French toast.

Yep, French toast – probably one of the most popular choices of breakfast. Rightly so.

It’s fairly simple to make, quick and to the point. There’s no ornate ceremony or preparation for this.

So grab a few slices of bread, some eggs, milk and ground cinnamon for some added flavor and let’s get to work.

First, you have to mix all these ingredients together into a bowl until you get some form of oddly colored goo. The weirder it turns out, the better – trust me on this.

Make sure your pan has some form of grease on it though; whether it be butter, olive oil or non-stick pan spray, it doesn’t really matter.

Completely drown the slices of bread in this strange mixture and make sure it soaks it all up, so that it comes out all soggy and gross. Throw it onto the pan and let the rest take care of itself. Make sure the toast (now French, apparently) comes out golden and toasted. Leave it on for too long and it’ll turn out to be too dry and crunchy.

Here’s where the real magic happens.

Grab a bottle of maple syrup and just pour the whole thing onto your French toast, until it’s practically swimming in it. This is literally the best part of the whole process, watching your French toast drown in maple syrup.

Now, eat. Then make some more. Rinse and repeat.