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Rough Seas Make Better Sailors

February 9, 2012 Suzy Berkowitz 0

Creating The Years on the Boat wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, but after almost two years, local New Paltz band Fairweather Friends released their first full-length album. On board are three musicians: Adir Cohen (vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano, bass), Jed Kosiner (drums, percussion, vocals) and Geoff Diamond (bass). Fairweather Friends celebrated their album debut Saturday, Feb. 4 at Bacchus Restaurant where they performed and sold copies of the new release. “Honestly, the entire process of making this album was worlds more complex than I had ever expected,” Cohen said. “Nonetheless, it […]

A Home For Harmony

November 18, 2010 Maeve Halliday 0

In the past few years, musician Jake Harms has lived everywhere from Marlboro to Minneapolis to Martha’s Vineyard. But a few months ago, in his […]