Musician of the Week: Laurent Blanchette

Laurent Blanchette

Laurent Blanchette

YEAR: Fourth

MAJOR: Music Theory and Composition

HOMETOWN: Carmel, N.Y.

What is your instrument of choice? Why?

Tuba. It’s really weird and not a lot of people play it. I hated it at first (5th grade) but now I’ve come to love it because it’s unique.

Who are you currently listening to?

Dubstep. Balfa Brothers. My favorite band is The Brass or On the Might of Princes.

Who are your main influences?

This guy Bob Stewart I saw when I was little. He did this seminar with circular breathing – breathing in through your nose as you’re playing. That’s like a master’s technique.

What are you involved in on/off-campus that is music related?

I play with Godchilla and in a folk band with The Juice Boys. Now I’ve been playing with Adir Cohen too. And I have a band from home, Adam and the Animals. I also play with the symphonic band on campus.

What will you do with your degree?

Next year I’m gonna go downhill longboarding in California. I think I’ll teach later on. Grad school and traveling too. I’m going to play music the whole time. I’m trying to start a band with Benji (from Godchilla and The Juice Boys) too.