The Copy Couch Recommends: Dynasty

If you missed “Gossip Girl” in its prime time, fear not… “Dynasty” will satisfy your late-to-the-party cravings for sex, drama and splendor. Originally airing in 2017 on The CW— the first season is available on Netflix, the second season is currently running – this American prime-time television soap opera is basically “Gossip Girl”— 10 years on steroids. The show follows the Carringtons as they navigate the tragedies and travesties of being filthy, filthy rich.

Elizabeth Gillies stars as heiress Fallon Carrington and she is truly bad and bougie. She’s smart and hot as Hell and destined to inherit her father’s multi-million dollar company… until her father, Blake, played by Grant Show, marries Cristal (Nathalie Kelley), rival employee at Carrington Atlantic. Fallon throws plot after plot at this woman to knock her off her father’s pedestal, all to no avail, eventually getting herself briefly excommunicated from the family and the company just in time for the holiday season.

All this drama and I really have only talked about the first three episodes. I’ll hold onto the rest of the spoilers, but make no mistake, this show moves quickly and I can promise you that you’ll never be bored. I give it a solid 10/10 in both excitement and absurdity… check it out!