The Copy Couch Recommends: F is For Family

Now, I first want to make a disclaimer: If this show angers you in any way, trust me, I understand. The first time somebody played me the pilot episode in my presence, not only did I go off about what I was watching, but I felt a certain type of way about the friend who showed it to me as well. It’s like when you learn that somebody close to you has been harbouring problematic views this whole time. 

But I soon got over my hot-headed, ready-to-tuffle feminism and saw it for what it was: just some good ol’ dark comedy. 

“F is for Family” is a throw-back style TV show about a typical white family in the suburbs of post-Korean conflict America. It’s a total 1970s vibe leading with an angry, machismo father named Frank, who very clearly resents having a family, except in those rare sentimental moments where he would do anything for them. 

His sweet stay-at-home wife named Sue also resents her status and starts to do door-to-door sales, as women did back then. They have three kids, all with distinct and fun personalities, that get into shenanigans and make their parents’ lives all the more frustrating. This show, created by the hilarious Bill Burr, is the perfect binge-worthy piece of entertainment for the upcoming spring break.

Full of sexist, sometimes racist and socially aware jokes, “F is for Family” is a total laugh and a good way to take your mind off of a long day. Going somewhat in order of events, it’s a cute, but sometimes raunchy animation appropriate for more mature audiences. I highly recommend checking all three seasons out on Netflix!

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