The Copy Couch Recommends: La Charla

Ah Tuesday night, the perfect evening to do dinner and a movie in the sweet little Village of New Paltz. With feature films costing $6 at the New Paltz Cinema located in Tops Plaza, it seems there is no better option for entertainment during the week.

Seeing a movie was the no brainer, but deciding where to eat was the hard part. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks; my goodness it’s taco Tuesday. Searching far and wide for the perfect taco in New Paltz, I quickly remembered the family owned restaurant that uses nothing but fresh ingredients in their authentic dishes, La Charla. Boy was my restaurant experience there this week one I will never forget.

I remembered when the establishment first opened it was jumping with people, so I was a little disappointed to find the place somewhat empty on what should be one of their busier nights. Nonetheless, my date and I had no problem getting a booth by the window, enjoying Main Street on the muggy spring night.

We were quickly greeted by our waiter who brought us homemade chips and salsa along with water for the table. The chips were still warm with the perfect amount of salt, and the salsa, well flat out to die for. What I also didn’t realize, which seems to be the hidden gem of taco Tuesday at La Charla, was their deals on draft beers! Two for one on any of them, even IPAs, and that’s a deal I think you just can’t find anywhere else.

Wanting to get the full experience, we started off with the tacos dorados as an appetizer. These tacos are rolled, almost like taquitos, but filled with so much more flavor. The chipotle tomatoes combined with marinated chicken within the roll, topped with pasilla sauce, queso cotija and Mexican cream, were just flat out fantastic. The perfect serving amount and burst of flavor had my mouth watering for the next course.

The best part about my experience at La Charla Tuesday night, was that they actually let me enjoy my meal! I can’t tell you enough how much it bothers me when waiters or waitresses seem to want to rush you out, leaving less time for you to enjoy yourselves or even more important, spend your money. I was thoroughly pleased on how the waiter allowed us to enjoy our drinks, enjoy our app and then when we were finished, order our meals. The spacing was absolutely on point.

My eyes opened wide when our four tacos for the ridiculous price of $10 came to our table. I ordered the marinated skirt steak, filled with poblano rojas, melted menonita cheese, onions, cilantro and salsa morita on a homemade tortilla. Bursting with flavor, your taste buds could just feel how fresh the ingredients were. I was thoroughly pleased, and filled to the brim with no thoughts of dessert.

But, then after our waiter perfectly timed the cleaning of our plates, ordering of nightcap drinks and then thoughts about dessert, there was no way I was saying no to those churros. My sweet tooth was easily fixed, dipping the cinnamon sticks in a homemade chocolate sauce that just melted in your mouth.

They almost needed to wheel me out of that place, and when I saw the bill I almost fainted. $50 for a full three course meal for two at an authentic, high quality restaurant with alcoholic beverages, can’t beat it. I’ll be returning very soon, and highly suggest you should too.